Delzer 00080-Box 1-File 06-56 .
Dean Anderson 00080-Box 5-File 17-04 Mrs.
00080-Box 2-File 09-50 Members of the Bismarck Junior College merchandising class will manage the JC Penney store here Friday. .Max (Marge) Guenthner 00080-Box 1-File 06-04 .Warren Lee, Mayor Evan Lips 00080-Box 4-File 14-11 Man and woman boarding airplane 00080-Box 4-File 14-12 Diane Ulvedal 00080-Box 4-File 14-13 Harold khor abdullah deposit Anderson, State President; Miss North Dakota, Jane Gray Smith, George Neigum, President BJCs 00080-Box 4-File 14-14 George Neigum, President JC; Jack Zentner, New.Thomas Bol, Turtle Lake, Mrs.Dahl, Watford City, and Jim Parmelee (sp?Pete Malusky, candy committee 00080-Box 01-File lights slot free play 12-62 William.Leach has conducted a course in social training for the past five years 00080-Box 01-File 12-64 Branding time in Medora June Box 01-File 12-65 Logan Ward at far left with pipe 00080-Box 01-File 12-66 Elwood.Slaughter, Atlantic City (NJ and John Kuttin (sp?) Mrs.00080-Box 2-File 20-10 Group of men 00080-Box 2-File 20-11 Group of men 00080-Box 2-File 20-12 Group of women and a man 00080-Box 2-File 20-13 One of the displays erected in the World War Memorial Building of the 32nd Annual Farmers Union State Convention - Clayton.Richard Penwarden, Bismarck, oldest communicant.Of Commerce, Washington, DC 00080-Box 3-File 30-22 Two men 00080-Box 3-File 30-23 Two men 00080-Box 3-File 30-24 Mrs.Slogar 00080-Box 6-File 05-10 .Randall, cash drop box slot Minneapolis, Portland Cement Association; Harold.
OConner, Treasurer, Fargo, Blaine Hanson, Vice President, West Fargo (also Mayor of West Fargo.M Christianson, New President, Dickinson, Receives gavel from old President Fred.
Eugene Binder 00080-Box 3-File 29-22 Mrs.

Fed by a well and sprinkling 500 gallons per minute 00080-Box 4-File 10-46  Two men in corn field 00080-Box 4-File 10-47  Mrs.
Otilia Fettig, 68, sewing; Mrs.