124 Improve Dressing Room Adds more view changing (zoom/reposition/rotate) to the dressing room model.
305 FuBar-DPS Simple DPS Monitor.
26785 Power Hour UI Power Hour's UI for Vanilla WoW 25617 Postal An Extension to the Blizzard mail interface.15 myModel Just a little dragable frame of your model.Not for use with spells 248 CT RABossMods An extension to CT_RaidAssist that adds small mods that help you with various raid encounters.Use /clv or /classviewer for the options menu.9 Combatants Track your group's shadow priest tier set bonus combat status.123 Titan Panel ZeppelinMaster Titan display for ZeppelinMaster 123 FuBar-Money Keeps track of current money and all your characters on one realm.15 Minesweeper Minesweeper in World of Warcraft!122 QuestHistory An in-game history of quests accepted 120 EasyUnlock Makes unlocking of lockboxes easier (inventory/tradewindow) and shows level requirements on lockbox tooltips.Alot of other options as well.26 Class Viewer Shows the class of the player selected or the type of monster/npc.3549 EzDismount Dismounts you when opening Flightpath 3501 TrinketMenu AddOn to manage trinkets 3309 Druid Bar Shows mana in bear/cat form.30 FuBar-Group Combination of Titan LootType and Roll.1776 ZHunterMod Includes several features to make a hunter's life easier.26 simpleMinimap Autozoom timed auto zoom-out module for simpleMinimap 26 AsmoMOD Automated use of many actions 25 Autograts Send "Grats" when someone "Dings" by Krod 25 FollowMe Enhanced Allows other players to put you on auto-follow.
170 Discord Unit Frames Replaces the self 169 cEasyHealer Basically you have a window that has a list of names of your current raid.
661 Missing Trade Skills List Shows the missing recipes/skills for a tradeskill and where to get them 660 CT RaidAssist Allows you to monitor Raid.

698 AutoRepair KC Attempts to Auto Repair your equipment when you visit an able vendor.