wow recruit a friend xp bonus

Enter your friend's email address, and a custom message if desired.
Enter your friend's email address to send the email invitation, which exclusive casino coupons will be valid for seven days from the time it is sent.
Maybe you are getting triple and the log is just bugged?
TopicId sid1 View original post New Recruit-A-Friend Mount Coming Soon 09:00 Bashiok Beginning in just a few days, players who participate in the Recruit-A-Friend program will receive a whole new reward for showing a friend the ropes in Azeroth: the X-53 Touring Rocket, a two-seater.They had to refresh and relink both accounts to fix it, but it's now working.Recruit a Friend is available to players in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, and United Kingdom.Click the "Recruit A Friend" button ( ).The character receiving the levels may decline the grant when prompted and then nothing happens.I've been getting standard XP for quest turn-ins.When the characters are grouped, the recruit may target and right-click on the veteran character's nameplate and an option "Grant a Level" should appear in the context menu.Typically, this is WoW1.The character receiving the levels must be lower than the granter's level, and below level.Reply With", 10:06 PM #4, originally Posted by brutalfira, youve definatly did it wrong make sure to go to battlenet account and check if the link is there also i believe it requires the first upgrade for it to get working.Both the recruit and the recruiter gain triple experience points (up to level 90) while partied and within 100 yards bonus system in company of each other.Also, for every two levels of experience your friend earns, they can grant one level of experience to one of your lower-level characters.Mounts include the majestic Emerald Hippogryph, the whizzy X-53 Touring Rocket, the fiery Cindermane Charger, and the ominous Heart of the Nightwing.Current Recruit-A-Friend FAQ - View original post Original news announcement Earn an Exclusive Zhevra Mount with the New Recruit-a-Friend!Unlike rested EXP, this applies to experience from quests and kills.The veteran can start a level 1 character and receive free levels from multiple recruits up to the RaF cap, as seen here.The recruiter receives a special mount or pet of their choice after the recruit pays for a third month of game time.The, recruit-A-Friend, often referred to as, raF, program is a referral system, through which players can recruit friends or family members into.

Eg: A level 2 who is 99 of the way to level 3 will then be 99 of the way to level 91 when granted 88 levels.