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In the end it does result in the dwarves showing up anyway.
It is the furtherest away, but doesnt involve the side quest, the Gangs of Novigrad, which revolves around the other two locations the fighting pits and the gambling ring.Technically speaking, casinos, slot parlours, sports betting shops, and other gambling facilities-except bingo halls and lottery providers-in Guatemala are not licensed, regulated, monitored, or secured by the government.As the conversation proceeds, you can offer to help Reuven will a problem of his own, and challenge him to Gwent.He was a direct opposite of the previous general; he was a devoted Christian who viewed gambling as a sinful act.Vernon will chime in to remind the king why you are there.You will be rewarded with crowns for this quest.Inside you can enter the pits and fight seven rounds.In, the Captaincy General of Guatemala became independent of Spanish rule.This was when Guatemalans developed an interest in gambling.Get your product key and enter it on this website.Note, if you decided against using the dwarves and are trying to avoid violence all together, you may play three games.The tipico no deposit code fight inside the pits is the same as the casino.This opens up a side quest called Honor Among Thieves, which is super simple.After you've killed the assassins, Cleaver will go on about his plan to get Junior out of hiding with force and storms off.Head to the Arena next.Do not mention Whoreson or be mean in any conversation, cause if you do, a fight will break out sooner than it should.When you decide his fate, leave his house to be approached by King Radovid's men.He gives you a nice silver sword for freeing his man.Guatemala was an amalgamation of the Mayan civilization and Mesoamerica cultures.This is the main quest Ciris Story: Visiting Junior.
The video above is the, the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Get Junior Main Quest Walkthrough and shows how to complete, get Junior, the quest featured.
Your old pal Vernon Roche is just on the outskirts of Oxenfurt.