windwalker monk best in slot gear

We first present the stat priority, before delving into more complex explanations.
This however does not take scaling into account.
For MNK, I gotta say you should buy the Gloves if you feel like A6 wont go down raid bonus rolls wow anytime soon.Added Uldir gear list.MNK Lore Tomestone Buy Order, weapon : An excellent filler weapon any serious Monk who wants to clear A8 should invest in this.I could have melded more SS in place of DET melds (something you can do if you like) but TP will start to become a real issue at those levels.Floor 2 becomes really useless since we pick up Lore Boots and Helm asap.Ring Bracelet Neck Earring Click the boxes above to expand!MNK Best in slot guide!Trinkets, Azerite PIeces, and much more.2018: Fixed dungeon Azerite gear.Last updated on Apr 15, 2019 at 00:30 by.Show more, show less.2018: This page has been reviewed for Patch.1 and no changes are necessary.For more ffxiv updates, Like our Facebook.Note that it is also just dealing with gear from raid environments, so this could change if you are spending a large amount of time in Mythic and gaining different, rarer pieces.The only lost value here is we cannot get crank (Gloves) anytime soon, so you might wanna pick up a crafted.The boxes below are expandable on click!