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Men Are the Expendable Gender : Played straight for the most part, as the vast majority of armies how many casinos in las vegas strip are comprised of men.
Karma Houdini : Roughly every rival lord battling with you.
Mook Maker : Bandit parties are now spawned by bandit hideouts, which can be assaulted to temporarily clear an area of banditry.Magikarp Power : Ymira may seem completely useless, being level 1 and having nothing but a kitchen knife to defend herself.They will come over and fight you with clearly inferior units to your own, just in advantage on numbers, to have their troops slaughtered en masse, but they almost always avoid capture.Perpetual Beta : Two years and a standalone expansion pack later, the developers are still fighting critical issues in the singleplayer campaign.More Dakka : Most battles tend to begin with every single musketeer firing off their first shot at once.Karl Marx Hates Your Guts : Averted."Empire: Total War Official Site Release Date".However, the old tracks are still in the mod folders, if anyone wishes to enforce this trope for themselves).Buying nets one a registration key and unlocks the rest of the game.For more information please, click Here.You're almost always better off just jumping into the battle, and if you don't really feel like fighting, just hang back and watch your guys slaughter the enemy forces, especially if they're mostly low level units.The Red Wars has top hats, military and civilian caps, fedoras, fez (headgear of Sarranid troops and a lot of military helmets inspired by the 20th century's first half.The mountainous region at the borders of the Vaegir and Swadian kingdoms also hosts entire droves of bandit bands.And then we get Steppe Bandits in and near the Khanate who make the above a walk in the park.Retcon : Calradian geography went through yet another complete overhaul, and all the NPCs act as if the new faction had always been there.In addition to its modding community and the mods own pages, Mount Blade also inspired This Notched And Rusted Blade, a machinima made with the Anno Domini 1257 mod.Eagle Squadron : Prominently featured for almost every faction.They will probably dish a Curb-Stomp Battle on you if you're not leading a massive force yourself against them due to their heavy armor, heavy-hitting weaponry (even with high defense on easy they can probably knock a quarter of your health off in one hit.The trading skill mitigates this, but either way unless you obtained said loot from fighting, don't expect to get back what you paid for.They're amazingly powerful in the field, but they suffer horribly in siege d siege battles are the most difficult and the most important battles in the game.