13000 (26000) EXP Reward:The value in brackets is the reward for Gold Members.
Collector's EditionMagic AcademyMagic Academy IIMagic AcesMagical ForestMagical Mysteries: Path of the SorceressMagic Ball 2Magic Ball 2 New WorldsMagic Ball 4Magic BlastMagic Bookshop: MahjongMagic Cards SolitaireMagic Cards Solitaire 2: The Fountain of LifeMagic Cauldron ChaosMagic EncyclopediaMagic Encyclopedia: IllusionsMagic Encyclopedia: Moon LightMagic FarmMagic Farm 2Magic Gate: Faces.This mission is somewhat related to cool cat casino 100 no deposit bonus codes 2018 "Tanks get thirsty too" mission.190000 (380000) Walkthrough There are three areas highlighted on the map, but Miranda can be found in the area 6 up, 3 left.Not all trucks will yield machine parts.Unfortunately, we're running low on gasoline and experience tells me that igniting bodies without it ain't gonna be easy.This ain't no normal titan, it f*king huge!She can't of been alone out there for long, so it's likely she was with a group of survivors at some stage.My men and I are going to split up and search the east of where she was spotted.That damn thing is running so fast I'm barely going to have time to mobilize my men.The mission takes place in Red Zone which is completely absent of the mutated long arms and rumblers, but contains more tendrils and spiders.19000 (38000) Walkthrough The mission instructs you to kill a Titan and loot it for a Rusty Key in the designated area.I need you to get over there asap and cover their retreat.14750 (29500) EXP Reward:The value in brackets is the reward for Gold Members.Simply circle the aggro until you see two lootable Long Arm corpses, evade the aggro by running around the block, and loot the two severed hands.This job will probably entail heading to where they were seen last, finding whatever is left of them, and obtaining some sort of identification of the target.The only way to move anything is to enlist the help of lone survivors-for a modest fee, even the least combat capable of survivors will run the gauntlet to deliver whatever you might need, be it medicine, ammunition, intelligence or food." Camelot hangs on to first place".H.O.S.T Chronicles: Phantom of the Renaissance FaireG2 - Geeks UnleashedGabCabGalactic casino kings mountain nc ExpressGalapagoGalaxy QuestGallop for GoldGame of StonesGarage rden DashGarden DefenseGarden DreamsGarden PanicGarden RescueGarden Rescue: Christmas Mansion MakeoverGardenscapes 2Garden ShopGardens nalak bonus roll mount Inc.: From Rakes to RichesGardens Inc.Each medical supply occupies 1 inventory space so clear your inventory before going.Go there, take him down, and get my damn key back!Trey and his partner Jim were searching an abandoned apartment building for survivors when they were attacked by a group of the infected.