Just about any starting area will do, but.
I usually scout the northern part of the zone, hit up the ogre caves to the east and then scout the bottom part of the zone.
Learning where all the nodes are and how to fly around Winterspring to make sure you get a boku sverige casino good chance to see them all is very important.
The mining article provides a good overview of all ores and their skill levels.From here you just fly around the edges of the zone and collect all of the Thorium as you.Un'goro Craters mining path is pretty simple thats why I don't have a video posted here for.You can also nya mobile casino 2018 stay at Winterspring and mine Thorium until you're 325.Make sure you track "finding minerals" in the little magnifying glass by the minimap.This is definately an easy money maker for lower level players with Mining.I recommend staying in areas where there are both veins that require yellow and orange skill.Silver veins are most commonly found.I have found that it is best to start in the eastern section of Winterspring by the Winterfall camp.It bonus xp rs3 f2p is surprisingly easy and quick, especially if you have a flying mount.Howling Fjord is recommended for Cobalt Ore.Getting from 400-425 Edit For both Saronite Deposit and Rich Saronite Deposit (minable at 425) go to Icecrown or Sholazar Basin to mine Saronite Ore.Many people don't know the value of Mithril and often over look its prices in the Auction House.If you have mining as a profession from level 1, make sure to mine all ores you come across and the skill won't be a problem.Durotar is probably the best for players and, elwynn Forest for players.Also since farming for Thorium isn't as popular as it used to be you can go to one of the better zones without having to worry about competition!Badlands is probably the best zone around to farm for Mithril.You can also go to Terokkar Forest and Zangarmarsh if you want some variation.Thorium Farming in Un'goro, un'goro Crater is one of the best locations to mine Rich Thorium and Thorium.Also the zone is really easy to form a good solid path.

Now there is some Thorium in here but since the zone is so big and it respawns so fast I honestly can't recommend wasting time running through the cave for 3-4 nodes where you could get double outside in the same amount of time.
Contents show, introduction, edit, mining is one of the easiest professions to skill.
Here, you can also find truesilver.