Killer Croc appears in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Night of the Batmen voiced by Stephen Root.
But Angelinos are different!18 Tiny Titans edit Killer Croc was a recurring character in the children's series Tiny Titans renamed "Kroc." He was often depicted causing trouble showing up, and his rude and messy actions were often compared to the cleanliness and tidiness of Alfred.He kills Robin after the Boy Wonder is imprisoned in the sewers.Trivia (11 listed as one of twelve "Promising New Actors of 1986" in John Willis's Screen World, Vol.Contents, ko Chun chow Yun-fat ) is a world-famous gambler, so renowned and talented at winning various games of chance that he is referred to as the "God of Gamblers".Hung, the 'King of Gamblers' from 20 free spins no deposit casino All for the Winner to gain some gambling tips.In a storyline that ran in Batman #521 and #522, Croc is summoned by a paranormal force to break out of Arkham and make his way to the Louisiana swamps.One Year Later during the Face the Face storyline, Killer Croc is shown to have been feeding on the dead body of Orca.Batman and Robin encounter him and the fight begins.Batman offers Jones a place in Wayne Manor in addition to help him find a cure for his condition, and asking his help in finding a location to establish his own hideout after his experience at the Riddler's.Other games edit Killer Croc makes an appearance in the negatively received video game Batman: Dark Tomorrow.Faced with the threat of the vampire Batman stalking and killing his opponents, Killer Croc and Two-Face form an alliance with Commissioner Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth to trap Batman in the Batcave and expose him to the sunlight (although Croc briefly contemplated just physically tearing.In the former, he is infected with a virus that greatly increases the rate of his devolution, 'overseeing' free casino bonus xp a kidnapping for Hush before Batman defeats him; this provides Batman's first clue that someone else is orchestrating events, as he knows that Croc is too stupid.After losing all of Tanaka's money, Ko Chun puts up his entire personal portfolio of wealth and holdings against Chan's wealth.Killer Croc appears in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, voiced by Fred Tatasciore.Crocodile, dundee (1986 which he created and co-wrote.Hogan was the executive producer/writer/star waymo bonus of the feature films.He appears early on in the game when he is taken to the sewers and passes Batman escorting a recently captured Joker.He gains the upper hand at one point, but is subdued thanks to Talia al Ghul and is taken to Arkham Asylum where withdrawal from the Mutagen is causing his body to slowly fall apart.
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Croc then pursues Baby Doll and prepares to kill her, only to be stopped by the Dark Knight.

He helps Batman locate the Riddler's underground hideout, and later aids his fight against the villain.
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The Batman storyline Hush featured a more bestial Croc who had been mutated against his will to appear more reptilian.