tap titans 2 equipment set bonus

Spiresteel Source PAP139 Philosophers speculate that spiresteel is composed of a condensed form of pure quintessence.
Iron, Primal (3pp) Source : 101 Special Materials and Power Components (3pp) HP/inch : 30 (weapons and shields made from primal iron have half the normal hp, and suffer a -2 penalty to saving throws Hardness : 10; Cost : weapon x3 normal, add magic.
Bone weapons have half the hardness of their base weapons and have the fragile weapon quality.
It is a silvery, luminescent metal that is lighter than steel but just as hard.There used to be questions about what constituted a "knee brace" and what the difference was between "tights" and "compression shorts." Now, if it looks and acts like a knee brace (not a knee pad) that's good enough.Most encouraging for the Lions, they did it with a balanced attack - Jalen Ryan led the way with 15 points and 12 rebounds, Latrell Horton had 12 points and 5 assists, and Isaiah and Elijah Whitty combined for 21 points.Read more, tuesday, April 2, 2019, eU Exit Business Readiness Weekly Bulletin.Here they are: Basketball 758 Baseball 725 Soccer 691 Track Field 674 Golf 558 Football 548 Wrestling 508 Tennis 481 Bowling 366 Lacrosse 332 I have to admit, I got a chuckle out of Lacrosse trailing Bowling.Druchite-veined armor grants the wearer additional defenses against creatures with darkvision.The tales of the elder druids tell call deposit vs time deposit of its creation by the creator-beings when their blood mingled with portals into the plane of dreams and filtered down to iron ore deposits in the deep places of the earth.A suit of bulette leather armor weighs 20 pounds, and its appearance matches the coloration of the landshark from which it was made.He will be sorely missed.Silversheen Source PC:QGttE HP/inch 10; Hardness 8; Cost 750.Let the line go out for longer distances as you might break the line which could be the reason on losing the fish.Items not primarily of metal are not meaningfully affected by being partially made of mithral.Weapons made of dreamstone weigh half as much as normal, and gain a 1 enhancement bonus on damage rolls against constructs, magically created undead, and summoned creatures.Type of Item Price Modifier Ammunition 15 gp per item Light armor 1,000 gp Medium armor 2,500 gp Heavy armor 3,000 gp Weapon 600 gp Dwarves stumbled across the secret of crafting fire-forged steel in an effort to make forge-friendly tools.Table: Aquatic Armors Medium Armors Armor Cost Armor Bonus Maximum Dex Bonus Armor Check Penalty Arcane Spell Failure Speed.All is not golden for the Indians, however.Adamantine is so costly that weapons and armor made from it are always of masterwork quality; the masterwork cost is included in the prices given.
Shadows around him seem to be deeper and darker.
Druchite Source : PCS:DR Type of Druchite-Veined Item Item Price Modifier Ammunition 12 gp per item Light armor 1,000 gp Medium armor 1,500 gp Heavy armor 2,000 gp Weapon 1,200 gp The twin ores of aszite and druchite are found only on the Shadow Plane.