t19 mage set bonus

No, T20 is NOT bad at all, it's actually quite dang strong.
Edit: Breath of Sindragosa is now comparable with Obliteration after the 4P chancen im casino zu gewinnen nerf, but will most likely outperform with the correct stat distribution.
No impact on rotation or playstyle.I'll keep updating casino bonus code 2018 ohne einzahlung these numbers as the APL finalizes, but thank you to slots village slots everyone who messaged me regarding enhancement updates.Item - Druid T19 Restoration 4P Bonus - Each time your Rejuvenation heals a target, it has a email protected.5 chance to jump to a new target at full duration.I am not an expert on every single class, so if I have made a mistake, please let me know in the comments below!Arcane Mage - Arcane 2P is solid, but the 4P bonus is very awkward.4P still provides a sizable DPS increase, but possibly a worse stat distribution.Shadow Priest - The 2P bonus provides a small boost to total insanity generation, and the 4 extra void bolts per voidform are a good DPS insanity boost.Arcane Mage.8.2.0, frost Mage.2.9.2, fire Mage.1.1.3, frost.0.9.0, unholy.6.2.1, assassination Rogue.9.5.6, outlaw Rogue.1.4.7.Edit: 2P received a decent buff from 2x to 3x chance.4P is even less exciting, as it rarely generates an extra FoF proc.Edit: I've been told that arcane mage needs a new APL that revolves around not saving evocation with arcane power.Originally Posted by, mMO-Champion, tier 19 Set Bonuses, demon Hunter (.
Edit: Several comments are reporting that unstable affliction is now 50 of affliction damage on PTR.
Fury Warrior - Furious slash is low on single-target priority, so 2P is pretty mediocre, but extending the enrage duration for 4P provides a solid DPS boost.

Destruction Warlock - Reducing cast time of Chaos Bolt will alleviate some mobility issues, but doesn't provide a huge increase to DPS since total soul shards stays the same.
Item - Druid T19 Guardian 4P Bonus - Mangle reduces the cost of your next Ironfur, Mark of Ursol, or Frenzied Regeneration by 5 Rage, stacking up to 2 times.