By default your mod-able gear does not have an Augment slot available.
Augmenting your Top Tier gear is a slow and expensive process.
You have to create one using an Augmentation Kit before you can place an Augment.Here are the crafting materials required: 3x Signal Disruptor (Slicing) 5x Code Recombinator (Slicing) 9x Special Crafted Item for the appropriate Crafting Profession 3x Encrypted Memory Core (Master Mode Operations, Command Crates) 4x Charged Matter Transubstantiator (Ranked PvP, Command Crates) How to get an Augmentation.How to place an Augment in your Gear Piece Go to an Item Modification Station.They use a special Augment slot in your gear.Prisoners, republic Containment Officer, republic Dancer, republic Officer.You will thank me later conclusion Augmenting your gear in Star Wars: The Old Republic is quite easy once you learn the basic steps, but it is a very expensive and time consuming process (unless you swim in credits).Currently the highest tier is Augmentation Kit MK-10.Swtor Augments Guide Item Modificatoin Station How to create an Augment Slot in your Gear Piece Go to an Item Modification Station.Ill explain what Augmentation Kits and the process of creating Augment Slots in details further below in this guide.You can, if the item has an augment slot (or should, there was a bug with stuff crafted before.3 that has been fixed (supposedly) in this mornings maintenance.From the drop-down list, choose the highest Augmentation Kit you have (MK-10 ideally).If you prefer to add a few stats to your pool, but not spend a ton of time farming materials or money to buy them, I recommend you choose the IR 228 Augments.If you want to be wearing the top endgame Augments, this is the tier for you.Lower tiers cool cat casino no deposit bonus codes march 2018 and levels of Augmentation Kits will not allow you to slot a higher tier or level Augments in them.Only available at lvl.The jump in stats is noticeable, especially if you get 14 Augments for all of your gear pieces.In the table below you will find full information about the top tiers free casino bonus xp of Augments with the exact stats per type.If not, skip to Step.Republic Pilot, sand People, slave Girl, ulgo Noble.I wanted to expand on the basics about the Augments I gave you.I'm not a fan of destroying stuff i make.
There are three tiers (colors) of Augments: Green Lowest Tier per level, blue Mid-tier per level, purple (Advanced) High tier per level.

2x Signal Disruptor (Slicing) 2x Code Recombinator (Slicing) 2x Hardrium or Sedrellium or Romex (Crafting Materials from an appropriate Gathering Skill) 2x Special Crafted Item for the appropriate Crafting Profession IR 230 (Purple) Advanced X Augment 46 These are more expensive, provide a slight increase.
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