V47:1-1-17 (2003) PDF 922.2KB* The author remembers fondly his first tour abroad as a paramilitary case officer, supporting operations in Laos against the Pathet Lao and the North Vietnamese (VC).
Includes a brief description of keno trekning nrk CIA's (and the DO's) role in elint.Book review bwin casino sign up by Lloyd.V17:1-21-30 (Spring 1973) PDF 704.3KB* Lowenhaupt, Henry., "Mission to Birch Woods", Stud.V8:1-A28-A30 (Winter 1964) PDF 107KB* Anonymous.This article explains how the belief that the Soviet Union controlled all Communist forces in the world and that the Soviets would not risk starting a World War blinded US observers to clear intelligence indications that such attacks were likely.V18:2-43-50 (Summer 1974) PDF 500.5KB* Brandwein, David., "Interaction in Weapons R D", Stud.V1:4-19-26 (Fall 1957) PDF 423KB* Smyth, Howard McGaw, "The Ciano Papers: Rose Garden", Stud.The obstacles that cloud understanding include a paranoid level of secrecy, deception, and propaganda.V17:2-33-37 (Summer 1973) PDF 239.1KB* Puderbaugh, Richard., "Elegant Writing in the Clandestine Services", Stud.V3:3-1-14 (Summer 1959) PDF 712KB* Bennett, Burney., "The Greater Barrier", Stud.V47:1-39-49 (2003) PDF 621.6KB* Argues that leaks of classified information are seriously damaging US national security by revealing and, thereby, undermining intelligence capabilities.