Traditions are obtained with the unity resource: In this game I made the mistake of taking prosperity first before the first 2 expansion traditions.
"It's the economy stupid".
Not all buildings can be built on a new planet.If you anger a stagnant fallen empire they declare war on you with a 100k fleet and trash your planets and spaceports (and fleets if you don't send them very far away).Materialists forbid research of dangerous technology such as jump drives and advanced AI and advanced sentient robots.You really need to capital one picture check deposit know what is waiting for you out there.I feel the best strategy would be to rush to conquer the second FE right after the first one but loss of ships in the first battle may leave your empire too weak to take on FE2 before they awaken.My personal opinion is: influence is too valuable to waste on those whackos and since you are the leader and their agendas are often incompatible with sensible management.I like preemptive wars.F2 contacts, diplomacy, empire power, f5 sectors, f10 ship designer (If you forget all that, just click the icons on the left top bar) There is a drop-down menu (left upper screen bar) with other useful tools like species management, expansion planner, leaders.For more minerals and energy use construction ships to mine energy and minerals from planets.Bigger is better, max your fleet capacity asap It is the only thing etoro minimum deposit israel standing between you and the rest of the galaxy.In a desperate attempt to increase happiness and productivity of energy I gave Residence with caste system to 2 of my species but as you can see the upper castes are almost as unhappy as the slaves.Some anomalies can kill your low level scientists so it is best to leave them until they level.
I wanted to make a simple guide while I still feel like a n00b because it is hard to survive in the galaxy without basic knowledge.
If you start a federation make sure it is with a big powerful ally.

Maybe for very experienced players.
Rage quitting robs you of great learning opportunities.
Species traits: Rapid breders: 15 growth speed (Awesome) Conservationists: -20 consumer goods costs (good) Sedentary: -50 migration speed 25 resettlement cost ( choosing a negative trait allows you more positive points to choose another positive species trait and I like my pops to stay put.