Thats all you need to know about the best outposts in State of Decay.
Unfortunately, we dont have a definitive list by name of the very best outposts you can claim in State of Decay 2 due to the three separate large maps you can choose from.As such, youre probably here to find out exactly what the best outposts are in State of Decay.That means any fighting your survivors do in State of Decay 2 wont be as devastating to your communitys overall morale, nor will too many Infestations, either.How To Get More Outposts In State Of Decay.Eventually however, you will find that you have the maximum amount of Outposts available.ViurhsF8drta state OF decay 2 tips tricks m/watch?Posted May 15, 2018 by in, game Guides, klinta bingo västerås 2018 State Of Decay 2 Guides, how To Heal Injuries In State Of Decay.A grade 3 Infirmary will need -1 material per day, but a grade 2 does not use up any materials and lära sig poker odds a grade 2 with a cast making kit will provide enough passive recovery to keep your community in good health, so maybe don't upgrade.Water Towers, Power Stations, Generators, and other facilities that youd think would provide these utilities.No there are not, there are only outposts that provide: 1 of any resource 2 beds, water, power (electricity artilliry strikes (not as good as SoD 1).Oh, and as a final thing to keep in mind.VbG5yww3a5qw t19s A How To Create A Sleeping Quarters m/watch?Some will also provide 2 beds or have traits that say they don't need a bed.After you get the Command Post upgrades you can get more outposts in the world.For more tips, tricks, and information on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.Related Topics: best, game, How to, outposts, State of Decay 2, comments.The actual act of taking over to become an outpost is actually rather simple.You can only upgrade the Command Post three times which means you can only have a total of four outposts in each area of the game.This is a good assistance to balance your costs.Posted May 16, 2018 by in, game Guides, State Of Decay 2 Guides, state Of Decay 2 Mod Guide.
This guide will tell you How To Get More Outposts In State Of Decay 2 so you can acquire more resources for your Home Base or obtain more sleeping quarters so you can rescue more survivors.
Once you have your Home Base built youll want to expand, but how do you get more Outposts?

It is perfectly possible to balance an entire base to provide 0 or even 1 of each resource per day.
Maintaining your facilities is a key part of State of Decay 2 and mods can really help with that.