An endpoint is considered available if the monitoring tests succeed from all the specified locations.
For instance, staging can become.Options for writing diagnostic logs from a web application that supports logging: Application Logging.Swapping Suppose that I have a website deployed in a Web App.The illustration below shows this for a release definition in vsts: Testing in Production Besides swapping, deployment slots offer another killer feature: testing in production.For more information, see Deploy to staging slots for apps in Azure App Service.Accept cookies and close this message.You can use the same tools and techniques that you use to deploy your app to the App Service: through Visual Studio, using something like vsts (Visual Studio Team Services) or Octopus Deploy, using Web Deploy or any number of other technologies.They provide a host of amazing features like (auto)scaling, easy authentication, offline sync (for Mobile Apps hybrid connections and much, much more.We will demo how to create and apply an availability set in Azure.Azure DevOps Services by pulling in the most recent updates from your existing repository in one of these services.Auto Swap You can choose to swap automatically to a slot when there is a new version of your app in a deployment slot this is called Auto Swap.This blog post explains how to create an availability set in Azure and how to assign a VM to an availability set.Functions See Continuous deployment for Azure Functions.You need to deploy a version of your app to the deployment slot before you can use.One feature that these apps share is probably the most underrated one that many people dont know about: deployment slots.As you should assume that everything in Azure is volatile.Swapping an Azure Deployment Slot with preview Swap and vsts If you use something like vsts (Visual Studio Team Services you can also leverage deployment slots and the swap feature.If you have installed any site extensions, you need to do that again in a deployment slot, as it is a new App Service instance.Click on, create : Now we can set up our availability set.
So make sure you plan your update domains accordingly so youre not taking down the entirety of your environment all at once.
For more information, see Configure a custom domain name for an app in Azure App Service.