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127mm f/3.5 Specifications Optical Construction party roulette trinkspiel niagara falls clifton hill casino hotel 6 elements/4 groups Angle of View 39 Diaphragm Automatic Minimum Aperture 32 Shutter Seiko #1 mechanical lens shutter, 11/400 sec., T (time X contact (flash synchronization at all speeds) Equivalent Focal Length for 35mm 62mm Minimum Focusing Distance.2".
System of 18 interchangeable Leaf Shutter Lenses.Applications include portraiture, fashion, landscape telephotography and sports.The result is a lens designed so carefully, built so meticulously, that it consistently renders extraordinary performance.Very useful for both close-up and telephoto applications.More about device here: p?id70 Netusbee drivers v4 14:30 New driver package for NetUSBee has been introduced by Claude.It yields a good camera to subject distance, slight flattening of portrait subjects, and exceptional sharpness.Autofire - fully compatible with typical amiga/atari/C64 josytsticks.Equivalent to 62mm in 35mm format.# 214-525 Bellows Lens Hood G-3 Attaches to the front accessory thread of (65mm to 360mm) lenses.Variable Diopter, Flip-up Magnifier Attached to the prism finder, it assures enhanced precision focusing by magnifying the central portion of the screen.# 214-520 Checker Same as Matte, but with perpendicular grid.Hope this helps some other poor Mtn Lion users out there!Main., Suite 200.Applications include portraiture, fashion, beauty, landscape and general photography.127mm f/3.5 The 127mm f/3.5 is an excellent, all purpose normal lens.Im very happy you got here.Film Advance, double Action 114 Stroke, optional power backs advance film automatically with single stroke.# 214-521 Microprism Same as Matte, but with central microprism spot added.There are many features that make the Mamiya RB67 Pro SD perfect for the task.
Particularly useful for critical focusing with wide angle, telephoto and variable soft focus lenses, as well as for copy work and macro photography.

250mm f/4.5 APO The 250mm f/4.5 APO utilizes ultra-low dispersion glass and computer aided seven element, five group design to eliminate chromatic abberation common to telephoto lenses over 200mm focal length.
Equivalent to 68mm in 35mm format.
Additionally, there are 2 formats for instant proofing.