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Main Principles and Rules, all dates, days and times are in UTC.Introduction, to facilitate the slot clearance process for General Aviation (GA) Business.These are defined standard message formats used to obtain clearance for, or provide information of, arrival and departure times at coordinated airports.No attachments, signatures casino bonus 7 with logos or special characters should be used.Wrong: nvhabc 05SEP 015GLF5 zbaa wsss DD Correct: nvhabc 05SEP 015GLF5 zbaa0700 habc 12SEP 015GLF5 0800wsss D 6 September 2009 (d) All airport codes should be in 4-letter icao codes, not 3-letter iata codes.N - New schedule, r - Revised schedule, h - Holding.(j) No attachment, signatures with logos or special characters should be included in the message.For full and detailed information we kindly ask you to carefully study chapter 6 of the iata ssim (Standard Schedules Information Manual).M my y 1 iata SCR standard format.Schedules Information Manual) which should always be referred for complete and detailed information.An additional email address bling city casino review can be added to facilitate automatic response from hkscos system; The GCR message should be in UTC time; and.Clearance airport in iata 3-letter airport code.The chapter 6 includes the principles for information exchange, technical specification, and examples.Wrong: nvhabc 05SEP 015GLF5 zbaa wsss DD or nvhabc 05SEP 015GLF5 zbaa wsss DD Correct: nvhabc 05SEP 015GLF5 zbaa0700 0800wsss.Codes used by the slot coordinator: H - Holding (no action taken) I - Availability information K - Confirmation O - Offer P - Pending action P - Pending for improvement T - Allocated subject to conditions U - Refusal/unable to accept W - Unable.The following information does focus on the airline's view and on the basic SCR (Slot Clearance Request/Reply) message since this is the main communication for slot allocation between airlines and coordinators.The first three header lines are fixed for automatic system handling.Type of message SCR Slot Clearance Request/Reply.Aviation (BA) operations at Hong Kong International Airport (hkia GA BA operators should submit their slot applications to Hong Kong Schedule Coordination.
SI - stands for special information at end of message.