scr slot clearance request

The following information does focus on the deposit car rental do i need the amount of money airline's view and on the basic SCR (Slot Clearance Request/Reply) message since this is the main communication for slot allocation between airlines and coordinators.
Other messages Slot Preliminary Allocation List (SAL) Slot Historical and Non-Historical Allocation List (SHL) Outstanding Requests Change Request/Reply (WCR) Outstanding Requests Information Request/Reply Message (WIR) Action Codes Action Codes often used by Airlines A Acceptance of an offer no further improvement desired B New entrant.
If an airline becomes aware that for whatever reason it may not be able to use a slot, or series of slots, the airline must advise the coordinator, and return any slots it knows it will not use.
Main Principles and Rules, all dates, days and times are in UTC.Submission for New Season, about six month before the start of the respective schedules season, airlines provide coordinators with their schedule clearance requests for the arrival and departure times required at the airports concerned.The entire process is based on consensus and aims to be flexible, fair and open.If any wrong format messages are sent, the system does not recognize it as ssim message and no reply will be made to you.(NRT, HND, FUK, KIX and CTS messages should be sent separately.).(If you do not receive reply from us in 3 working days, you should contact us again.).Inhaltsbereich, slot Coordination Switzerland is glad to provide some basic information and message examples for customers who are new to the airport coordination business, not familiar how to deal with coordinated airports, or have to send an SCR only once in a while.Your understanding and cooperation are highly appreciated regarding request messages you send.Because usually all coordinators attend the conference, it provides the best forum in which all such repercussive changes can be quickly and efficiently processed, and airlines can leave the conference with firm schedules which they consider are the best compromise between what is wanted and.(2) Action code N or Y should be appropriately used for new requests only.Please observe that coordinators may not accept requests sent from free email accounts!Slot/Schedule Information Request/Reply Message (SIR) SIR, to clarify slots held by the Coordinator/Facilitator.Schedule Movement Advice (SMA sMA is used for slot requests at Facilitated Airports KIX/NGO/CTS.Unwanted slots must be returned no later than.Chapter 6 describes the procedures for using a variety of airport clearance messages (SCR, SIR, SAQ, WIR etc.).Strictly ssim chapter 6 formatted messages in plain text can be accepted in e-mail body.Serving Owen Sound, Meaford, Collingwood, Blue Mountains, Hanover, Wiarton, Walkerton, Saugeen Shores, Kincardine, Port Elgin, Southampton, Barrie, South Bruce, Midland, Kitchener, Waterloo, Grey, Bruce, Wellington, Simcoe and Dufferin Counties.The chapter 6 includes the principles for information exchange, technical specification, and examples.
These are defined standard message formats used to obtain clearance for, or provide information of, arrival and departure times at coordinated airports.
Clearance offers from coordinators to the airlines are valid for 3 business days only.