Soon enough, users began reporting that their brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 is refusing to charge after just days of use.
Make sure you plug it into a wall plug.The following problems are among the ones we received from our readers.But just because your Galaxy S6 Edges battery isnt charging doesnt mean you need to have the battery replaced immediately.Wipe Cache Partition Turn off the device.However, if the phone gets detected by your computer, try to set your focus on the charger itself.Please follow each method in order as they are ordered by frequency and severity.Remember that before electric current reaches the battery, it passes through a logic board and gets recognized by the Android system and the firmware itself.Ive been reading your posts on Galaxy S6 Edge for a couple of days now because new phones fast charging feature isnt working.Full Hard Reset, turn off your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.Try cleaning the USB Port.The charging port is quite flensburg casino nummer vulnerable on all phones that use wired charging, not just the S6 model.In situations where the device becomes unresponsive, Samsung advises users to perform a simulated battery removal.If the problem occurred after an update, then it must be just a glitch.
If you have this problem, you might be tempted to believe its surely a battery issue in some cases it really is, but the issue can originate from a lot of different places.