Climb down the ladder and exit the tree.
If you have 10gp, the trip costs 10gp.Run North-West through the area with the Thugs and Chaos Druids.Back to the top For the Earth Obelisk, follow the RED path on the map above.Head East past the Black Dragons and climb up the ladder to the Water Obelisk.If you have several Amulets of Glory, you could use them to teleport back to Edgeville.Making All Raw Materials Yourself 9,300gp (High Alchemy amount) - 0 gp (Supplies) - 7,020gp (Average battle staff slotomania slot machine price from the Wizards spinit casino bonus codes 2017 Guild) 2,280 gp profit.Repeat the process, if you have enough money purchase more staffs.You can purchase these in a rune store for as low as 225gp each.The seaweed spawn point is in the very North-West corner of the island.You will land on the far West side of the island.Travel Tips There are four ways to get into Shilo Village (you must have completed the Shilo Village quest to enter this location Take the boat from East Ardougne to Brimhaven for 30gp.

9,300 gp (High Alchemy amount) - 800 gp (Supplies) - 7,020 gp (Average Battlestaff price from the Wizards Guild) 1,480 gp profit.