pokemon go bonus 100 xp catch

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Players can earn up to 40,000 XP when they do the Pokemon evolution marathon.
All cost less to evolve.Earn 4000 XP After 7 Days If you continuously spin Poke Stops and catch Pokemon for 7 days, you get a donjon bonus dragon quest 8 total of 4000 XP on the 7th day - 2000 XP for spinning a Poke Stop 2000 XP for making your 1st catch.When you use Lucky Eggs during raids, evolving Pokemon, or hatching eggs, you can raise your Trainer Level very fast.It's likely that these may be reset if the game continues to raise the maximum limit in the future.Every 1 km gives you 100 XP, so if you hatch a 10 km egg, you can earn up to 1000.Check Out Raid Battle Guide Here!You can earn 500 XP when evolving Pokemon.Pokemon such as Pidgey, Caterpie, Whismur, etc.I have since noticed two more bonuses: "Great" and "Nice".The screen lists my bonuses, and tells me how much experience I have earned, but I am clearly rewarded additional experience when it is added to my player.Checked my experience just in case it didn't show the bonus, 619,421.Ultra Friend 50,000 XP, good Friend 10,000 XP, friend 3,000 XP, check Out What Else You Can Do With Friends!I'm sure that there are more experiments that could be done.XP Needed To Raise Trainer Level (TL) Trainer Level Require XP 30 500,000 XP 31 500,000 XP 32 750,000 XP 33 1,000,000 XP 34 1,250,000 XP 35 1,500,000 XP 36 2,000,000 XP 37 2,500,000 XP 38 3,000,000 XP 39 5,000,000 XP 40 - Level.Okay so that was my experiment and the conclusion.Plus you get bonuses if you make a Curved Ball Throw or an Excellent Throw!Evolve Pokemon That Cost Less Candy.What are the possible catch bonuses, and how much experience do they reward?Earn 1000 XP Every Day, you can easily earn 1000 XP every day by turning a Poke Stop and making your first Pokemon catch of the day!For bonus points, every so often I am awarded an additional 10 experience points that are not accounted for on the experience screen.Lucky Eggs Also Affect Raid.
Checked experience gained from evolving the pidgey.
The higher the level of the raid, the more XP you'll earn.