Each bonus roll that does not provide loot has a progressively better chance to award loot to the player.
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Bad luck streak protection Patch.3.0 added bad luck streak protection to bonus rolls.Mogu Rune of Fate : Throne of Thunder, Nalak and, oondasta (added in Patch.2 warforged Seal : Siege of Orgrimmar, Chi-Ji, Niuzao, Xuen, Yu'lon, and, ordos (added in Patch.4).So an upgrade of 394 (highest item in normal mode, from Tectus is about a 3 increase to her score.Go to the upgrade finder, and choose dungeons raids in the drop down.The chance youll get an upgrade:.You can choose LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic.And lastly, once you start winning a bunch of gear and youre trying to figure out which items are best.Unfortunately, he cant hack the boss drops yet no deposit poker bonus codes to guarantee youll get something.The use of a bonus roll token is strictly a personal endeavor and will not interfere with any other player's loot roll.Load your character on, ask.Loot specialization is available for bonus rolls, Raid Finder, Heroic Scenarios, and Mists of Pandaria quest rewards.As of Patch.2 a player with dual talent specialization may switch to the other spec before rolling to get gear appropriate to their other spec; also, the addition of loot specializations in Patch.3 made it even easier to control what spec they will.If you spend a token there is a small chance you will win the item from the regular roll and the exact same item from the bonus roll.It creates a completely separate roll against the boss's loot table.
That means the Warmages LEgwraps that drop from Margok are almost a 1 upgrade.