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I managed to get my second Susano spear (Himonotogo in case that matters) and decided to try for the rng reforge instead as I now have all body, strength and skill at 200.
Parry Disabled vs Guarding Enemy (Spear).
Has anyone successfully reforged CTA AA- (max fam) on a spear?Parry Disabled vs Guarding Enemy (Dual Swords) Parry Disabled vs Guarding Enemy (Axe) Parry Disabled vs Guarding Enemy (Kusarigama) Parry Disabled vs Guarding Enemy (Odachi) Parry Disabled vs Guarding Enemy (Tonfa) Weaken Melee Weapons.9.9 Weaken Armor (Torso).9.9 Weaken Armor (Head).9.For you guys with OP perfect weapons, how long did it take you to get the perfect one?I'm starting to think I'm either extremely unlucky or this isn't possible at all.Spirit Iron Chunks to Divine Fragments kajot casino 5 euro free or, anima Stones.Damage Bonuses do not carry over to Ranged Weapons.Reforging an attribute requires 2, spirit Iron Chunks, which can be acquired by playing through missions or by disassembling Rare and Exotic weapons.These values below are preliminary values, please edit the tables with any new higher values you encounter. .Spirit Iron Chunks, the player may leovegas bonus omsättningskrav spend, anima Stones and, glory, for a chance at acquiring a multiplayer specific attribute.Umbracite to manually change attributes to other attributes of the same type.Proficiency Bonus in addition to the 8 exclusive pools which are listed below and only one of each pool can appear on a Weapon.I've gone through then at least 20 times in the last 2h, and I haven't got a single CTA of any of the 3 stats that work for.The non-exclusive pool is made up of: Break, Parry, Parry (Critical Ki Reduction (Critical) and.Some, weapons come with fixed/locked bonuses that cannot be rerolled.Agility Damage Bonus adds 10 Close Combat Damage at (B) Agility and 15 at (A) Agility.
Weirdly, I've gotten magic once, dex twice, and heart around maybe 15?
You cannot acquire attributes that belong to different internet casino luxury attribute pools and you can't acquire attributes that belong to specific armor sets.