Another interesting advantages is that if you have 200 Heart and 200 Skill (which is the best choice you will also be good with Bows.
If you take into consideration that Sword and Dual Swords share, not only the same stats Scalings, but also can choose between Strength and Skill as the third and weakest Scaling, you don't have to sacrifice much damage to be able to still have room.
The kind of things that you can't live without now that you know them and such.Sign of the Cross: faster and safer Iai, very versatile, and still quite strong.Only Muneshige and Jin are still somewhat hard to Break, and you don't really have.Also, I'd like to specify that the focus in on the Abyss, that has its own particularities, like having a lot more Yokai than Humans, except for Bosses, and those are often hard to stagger or Break.Advantages BackwaveTempest: destroys half the Humans, perfect for dual Bosses.Here is my analysis of Triple Katana: Weaknesses Both lack effective and easy ways to deal Ki Damage.Dual Swords Low Stance Quick combos: they are just very effective, flexible, and safe casino bonus senza deposito lista 2018 to trigger Ailments with.Random Slice: amazing skill, makes up for the apparent lack of range, though it's hard to master.Use Kunai to empty the Ki of the others when.Water Sword: can slice and dice foes like Red Kappa and Flying bolts, and destroys Confused Yokai Bosses.Mind's Eyes I II: Low stance invincibility extended and some powerful boost when you pull it off.Iai Quickdraw: the ideal Skill to land on Guard Broken enemies, and useful in many situations.Final Blow from Sword: only Sword (with Sword of Execution) and Odachi are good at Final Blows.Any optimal Build (except Yatagarasu) will have an Unlimited Arrows Bow with their preferred Grace on it, allowing you to dish massive punishment to Yokai, including bosses, even without Concealment, giving you a good and infinite Ranged option.Sword of Meditation: the only move in the game not interrupted by a Fog Yokai coming out of hiding, ending them instantly.