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Google MyFonts More Steve Cloutier Quebec-based designer (b.
I-J: Impecunious JNL (2017 Impressionable JNL (2012, based on a rubber stamp set Industriality e transfer auto deposit cibc JNL (2015 Informational Gothic (2013: The Wood-Regan Instruments Company (Wrico) of New Jersey manufactured for decades a line of lettering kits called the Wrico Sign Maker.
Typefaces from 2018: La Gilda, Portugal Vintage, Call to Huesi, Wood Xmas, Black Empire (a fancy blackletter Benedicto (a textured all caps typeface Pixel Icons, Hysterical, Cadalso 74 (grunge Gramitos, Negroni Chaos, Carajillo de Anis, Hail Disney, Pen Icons, Neo Spain (a glitch font Adolfito.This style of hand lettering adorned many retro brochures and advertisements of the late 40's through the 1960's Peralta ( Google Web Fonts : an Egyptian comic book face Eagle Lake ( Google Web Fonts : calligraphic McLaren ( Google Web Fonts : comic book.He creates mostly display type.S: Salad Bar JNL (2013 Sales Pitch JNL (2014 Sales Slip JNL (2013 Same Old English JNL (2010, blackletter Sandcastle JNL (2011 Sans Poster Bold 3D, Savings And Loan JNL (2014 Scandals JNL (2017 School Project JNL (2015, based on self-adhesive poster board letters once.Creations in 2010: Pod ( 2010, fat round stencil Korolev (2010, a 20-style monoline sans family based on communist propaganda from 1937 DF Agent of the Uncanny (2010, brush face DF Destination Unknown (2010, Kafkaesque brush DF Maraschino Black ( a sleek, sophisticated high-contrast swash.In 2010: Shuffle Steps ( a sketched face Shakeout (comic book face Atrofobia, Splurx, Klumpft (grunge No Consequence, Poilet Paper, Universal Fruitcake, Vitamin, Year Supply of Fairy Cakes, Yesterdays Meal (brush face Undercover (bilined Streetwise, Jilly Bean (art deco, hand-printed Zanoix, Amfost poker edge software (comic book face.Gaiking (2012: Based on the logo of Mattel's Giant Robot toyline, Shogun Warriors Galaxy Force (2011, based on Hasbro's Transformers: Cybertron logo Gallonigher (was Colony Wars Gamedings, Gargish (2013 Gargoyles, Garriott (2013, runic Geddes (2011, art deco sans related to Futura Gemcut (2013 Generation Two.XBall (2013, loosely based on several title logos from Electronic Arts's (EA's) sports gaming titles).KittyPrint takes the LinusFace font concept to more realistic cat head dingbats.Based on the text used in older Magic: The Gathering cards PlanewalkerDings (2014 Plavsky (2013 Pokemon, Politik (2014, constructivist Powerpuff (based on the logo of "The Powerpuff Girls" from Cartoon Network PredaconBeasts, Probert (replaces Microgramma Extended Protoculture (2012, based on the franchise logo of Robotech).Nakadai (2011, a unicase techno font based on Hasbro's Transformers: Prime figures Neo Gen (2011, based on the logo for the SD Gundam series of games Neostar (2012, sci-fi Neverwinter (2011, based on the logo of the popular "Neverwinter Nights" computer game from Bioware) (see.In 2013, Darcy published the outline typeface Just an Outty (made together with Lauren Grier the curly swirly DJB Swirl Me Around (made in conjunction with Shawna Clingerman and the hand-printed DJB Boyfriend Jeans.Bistro Mono (2007, an awkward monoline face Thousands (2007 Balaghat (2008 Garash Script (2008, a Halloween face Woodstamp (2008 Banana (2008, brush script Rebel Train Goes (2007, a piano key font Rouge (2007, an elegant pair of typefaces Yasashii (2007, a great geometric art.His fonts in alphabetical order: #44 font (2002 00Starmap (2001, pixel font 1968 Odyssey (2016 1st Cav (2008 1st Enterprises (2017 2-Tech, 21 Gun Salute (2013 2nd Amendment (2007, guns 2nd Amendment 2050 (2009, more gun silhouettes 2Toon, 300 Trojans (2008, comic book family 4114.Check also Bodoni Classic Chancery (2007) and Bodonian Script (2012).
Typewriter: Lettera (2014 Lectra ( 2011 QuickType-Bold, QuickType-Plain, QuickType-Sans.

Typefaces from 2016: DJB Hunky Chunk, DJB Ornamental (alphadings in Christmas balls DJB Shape Up Stars (alphadings DJB Candy Corn, DJB File Folder Labels, DJB File Folder Tabs, DJB About A Boy, DJB It's My Birthday, DJB Happily Ever After (curly font DJB Journaling, DJB.