mw3 specialist bonus png

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tuEgg, i don't even know what this is, I just played around with a specialist clip last night, was fun!
It is meant to sort of cheat the system, and get extra points out of the pick 13 system.Using PP90M1 w/suppressor rapid fire.What is so cool play fortuna casino no deposit bonus codes about that?I'm not hyped or jumping casino online tragamonedas on the bandwagon about the new MW game, but if it has specialist bonus and a decent PC port I will likely look into it!Thats a leftover clip.Here is an interesting bit of information for everybody who plays MW3!Switch classes to one that has the specialist.When you pick up 2 guns that both have 2 attachments with this class, you're effectively using about 18 points!Subscribe and join the Immortals today!However, when you are a SMG user, you also unlock rapid fire!You unlock ALL the Weapon Proficiencies, which include kick, speed, range, stability etc.Call of Duty Infinite Warfare X-EON Horizon droike IF YOU want more!
Specialist bonus achieved IN IW!?