Now, see the pos?
You can change them to whatever amount you want.
Some screen packs reduce the cell size when the character select grid is moved further to the left.
The first number is the Horizontal position, and the second number is the vertical position.Like so: This time you will have to multiply 20x12 to find out the number of slots you have.Use the pos 300 bonus casinos to do that.Notes: You may want to play around a bit with the amount, size and position of slots, until you get it the way you want.Add a photo to this gallery.M.U.G.E.N.0, which prevents certain characters that use the localcoord tag from displaying properly, DoomGuy II released a patch which fixes this.EvE Battle for.0, due to the non-hi-res version of EvE having slight incompatibility errors with.Some screen-packs will decrease the size of the slots/cells too much if you add too many, you can play around with the size a bit, but sometimes it will not make a difference, even if you increase the size of the cells.I shouldn't have to tell you, that first of all it would be a good idea for you to backup your f on a different folder.It takes quite a few attempts to get this right, but this is the easiest, quickest way to.Let's add the amount of rows and columns you see on my example.
Screen, showing Dark Chun-Li going up against.
Still, just in case, go ahead and make a copy of your.

Ok, on with it then.