mithril deposit vanilla farming

That's not including the silver they drop and the items.
Also Breath of Wind.Coyotes has red meat, large fang etc.Description: Turtles, good for low to mid 40s.Description: Zul Farrak trolls outside the instance are elites.If you up your reputation with these to 'Friendly' (by killing the evil furbolgs in Felwood) you can freely ride into their camps free spins 30 maj and empty their chests without getting aggro.The elite dragons drop around 20 silver.Drops: Demons and centaur will drop gold, cloth and offcourse the occasional green.These mobs require long kiting time and lot's of mana.You'll find them after a time.Just stand max range, let pet attack, aimed shot (if not dead then conc.He drops shoulders which are dissed and sometimes a blue orb (BoP) which is dissed too.Description: Undeads - go down quite quick.Description: Blood elves up north.Hour: 10g Location: Darkwhisper Gorge, south.Drops: Silver, runecloth, grey and greens and potions.Graveyard: In the torture room there is a chest which is often open.I put together a separate Dark Iron Ore Smelting Guide with detailed explanation on how to complete this quest.Theese mobs require long kiting time and lot's of mana.Sell these and you have a nice g/h rate.
Hour: Usually about 25s per kill and 2 Rugged Leather or a Black Dragonscale.

Stick to the walls and walk between the groups.
In few days you'll have enough money for what you want Some of these areas were found using Hayden Hawke's Gold Secrets Guide., it's a premium gold guide, so there is a small fee for it, but its well worth it I think.
There is 3 rich thorium veins in that area to be accesed in addition to mob kills.