medieval 2 very hard ai recruitment bonus

Alliance_military_balance"0.0" : ratio of factions (plus its allies) overall military strength vs the target Same as above only it does not consider the target faction's allies.
Txt, this file has no bearing on how bonus rewards for tanking lfr the AI "thinks" but still strongly influences how the AI performs.
Update: finlanda keno live it is bank savings rates australia cumulative turn-turn which can result in crazy high (as in 100's) numbers which in turn will cause am uncontrolled and often undesired, number of alliances as everyone tries to form an alliance against everyone else.
Army size determined by invade type and nearby enemies.Personally I chose to modify these to what I considered more reasonable then scripted in a refund of half for AI factions."Cost modifier" This is the relative "value" the AI will place on the item, while the exact value is a abstract that also considers how much the AI wants something (not really moddable this at least allows you to influence "relative" value.The graphical images and content enclosed with this document are viewable for private use only.Xml, this influences diplomacy, primarily between the human and AI, but to a lesser degree AI-AI as well.The AI will cease consideration for the current target and move to the next target as soon as a decision_entry is found that has it's min and max entries met, unless continue"true" is used on that decision entry.Pts_desire"0" : points total for measuring our desire for this faction's territory (additive with previous decisions this turn) Not sure about this one, I'd assume it's connected to the "most_desirable" setting, but I honestly have not tried using.Xml settings described earlier.) invade_raids Again, fairly straightforward, the AI will attempt attacking without getting involved in a pitched battle.Unfortunately, we are at present unable to assign a "value" to this, only a straight yes/no answer.This decision type uses "invade_priority" to determine whose frontline to line.Explaining the weighting system which drives the production AI in full is beyond the scope of this document as it would take several days to write.This is a basic trigger controlled document such as those for traits and ancillary.Basically, I have NO idea.Note: the AI will never offer something with a value of 0 or lower.The AI will then attack those factions it has the highest "invade_priority" for, with one exception (invade_opportunistic) which I will get into later.This bias is fairly small compared to game-generated factors such as "the enemy is attacking me with lots of cavalry, build me some spearmen".I have searched different forums on the internet and gathered bits from all over the place, due to the wide array of sources I am utterly unable to define what individual sources may have been.Most_desirable"false" : is the target the factions most desirable target I have no idea how the AI decides who the "most_desirable".
Faction_standing"-1.0" : how much does the faction like the target target_global_standing"-1.0" : how trustworthy is the target to the rest of the world target_faction_standing"-1.0" : how much does the target faction like this faction global_standing"-1.0" : how trustworthy is this faction to the rest.

Defend_priority"0" : The defensive priority of achieving stance against this faction (NOT used AT present) (additive with previous decisions this turn) Unfortunately "not used at present" means it has no use and cannot be used.