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"What was this ship like?
And then, the newcomer's will be subjugated and assimilated into the Turian Hierarchy, with or without their consent.
If this new race proves to be hostile and rejects our overtures, then a military expedition aimed at pacifying them may well be necessary, but only as a last resort." With Councillor Tevos in favour of unibet bingo missions diplomacy, and Councillor Bellonia in favour of military intervention."It doesn't emit heat or radiation, it seems to be tens of thousands of years old, and amazingly, it's still functional." Now Costanzo's voice became ever more animated.2347 - While searching a mid-range system for mining prospects a Deep range probe detects a single severely damaged ship drifting on the edge of the systems asteroid belt.Chinh sighed longingly, as he thought on his mission, the very reason they're out here in the first place: exploring new regions of the galaxy for Humans to one day inhabit.I don't go into detail about what the pirates did on the freighter in my story, because as a generalist storyteller, I like to leave some things to the reader's imaginations."Star-Hopping is described in detail in the codex.The general public concern forces the.E.F to explore this behaviour more deeply.The bastards couldn't even give her a proper death!She then turned back to Tonn."It seems to want data on the mass of our ship.".A large amount of the Prothean research team volunteers to activate the beacon.2080 - The new.N.S.C ship, the.N.S.C Enterprise is finished.In addition, there are also six resupply ships, with enough fuel, food and water to sustain the fleet, crew and soldiers for a month in deep space, far away from any supply lines.2072 - The colonisation of the moon provides seemingly endless new spaces for the human race to expand into resulting in a population boom, with the majority of families having as least 7 children."So, Admiral Xannix, what's the big emergency?" queried Councillor Bellonia, eyeing her old mentor curiously.With their resources and manpower dwindling, the unsc had no choice but to withdraw from the Outer Colonies."The best course of action would be to send an STG team to travel through the Relay and explore the neighbouring star systems, to try and locate either their homeworld, or a colony, and gather intelligence on them before we do anything else." Councillor Bellonia.And Captain Phan's off-hand comment about an interstellar gun capable of blowing up stars is in no way, whatsoever, foreshadowing for a Forerunner super-weapon that will be discovered some time in the very distant future.
Estimated Time of Arrival at three minutes." Stunned silence permeated the bridge.

2203 -.E.F officials become increasingly impatient when none of the proposed FTL engines prove to be able to work in practical applications.
Had travelled to, and already, they had made an extraordinary discovery with the alien device.
Comforting to know such a powerful weapon defends Earth and her people, but terrifying that such a weapon could exist.