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Spook (U.S.,.K.) A spy.
(AUS) Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck?
Dorm hoe or dorm slut (U.S.
Navy) A phrase often to describe the missions that ballistic missile submarines are tasked with.Big axis bank fixed deposit receipt White One (U.S.K.I.A Killed In Action Keys to the Submarine/Ship/Reactor (U.S.Example: "We have a Uniform dead ahead, someone move in and check." (U.K.) Means "Undercover usually means a camouflaged object, vehicle or person, or a covert operative behind enemy lines.A wild time while on leave.Bundeswehr gloves (U.K.) Pockets, from the perception that members of the German Army often walk around with their hands in them (prohibited in most nato armed services - including the Bundeswehr.Army Soldiers in the 1930s, based on the mule mascot of Army's football team.Meathead (Canada An MP, descriptive of the red berets they wear as part of their uniform.SBO (Singapore) Skeletal Battle Order; officially refers to an infantryman's basic combat equipment, without field pack or field supplies.Mikes (U.S.) Minutes, from the nato phonetic alphabet.Biff chit (U.K.) A sick note from the medical centre excusing a Soldier from.Pocket billiards (Singapore) Walking around with one's hands in his pockets, referring to someone beating off, as in 'Stop playing pocket billiards when I'm talking to you!' Pocket Rocket (U.S.Usually a Japanese shipyard worker, but can also be applied to any Japanese citizen.Also used to describe the recipient; refers to the awkward appearance of the spread-wing eagle of the emblem.We dansbandsmusik blackjack really appreciate how easy it was to work with you from order to deliverythank you so much!A pejorative term used to belittle or insult reservists.Army) An item new recruits are sent to find; a form of snipe hunt.The Sailor is told that the ship's mail is on another ship, but they cannot bring it.It involves either the Area Supervisor or one of the Alarm Response Teams asking if the Close in Sentry if he received the keys to the aircraft from the sentry whom he relieved of the post, the Flight Sargent and Commander may get involved.Holiday flag (U.S.) over-sized flag flown over Posts and Major Commands during holidays.

Usually announced in an obnoxious and rowdy manner examples: "I'm so short I had to parachute out of bed this morning and accidentally landed in my boot!