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How to Open Your Safe, deposit, box at Bank of America.
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Advertisement, heirloom jewelry, a wedding band from your first marriage, rare coins and similar valuables are good candidates for a safe deposit box but only if theyre properly insured.Although the customer originally allowed the vice president access to the box to conduct certain transactions with the coins, he later rescinded such permission, but the vice president nevertheless appropriated some of the coins.The originals of your birth certificate and marriage license.Furthermore, the safe box rental agreement may limit the liability of the bank.In the event of a fire or other calamity at home, you probably wont remember every single thing that was destroyed.Leave these out.The court deposit invoice template excel rejected a claim that one of the employees, before the date the box was assigned to the renter and the keys delivered to him, took the keys from the cupboard and had a duplicate made, and retained this duplicate.One alternative is to keep these documents in a secure place at home, such as a fireproof lockbox or safe, and tell a trusted relative or friend where they are.Before particular boxes were rented, the keys thereto were kept in a locked wooden cupboard in the vault, and the key to the cupboard was kept on a key ring along with the master key.Download our safe deposit inventory guide 1).Continuing, the court pointed out that the testimony showed that the guard key, without which no box could be opened, was in the custodians personal possession at all times, except when it was locked in the vault at night.If you want to protect some important documents or other materials, use this special box to be sure that theyre kept organized and secure.A safe-deposit box is a smart place to store small valuables, such as heirloom jewelry and rare coins.The rent for the smallest box ranges from 15 to 25; A medium box costs 40-65 each year; The biggest box is priced between 185 and 500.The only time youll likely need the deed to your home is when youre preparing to sell.Its important to keep the most valued items in a safe place.In addition, the court said that a conclusion that the bank was negligent was justified, in view of the fact that it failed to deliver to the renter both of the keys which unlocked his box, thus leaving outstanding a key to the box.The court further explained that by proof of nonproduction of the goods, a safe- deposit box renter makes out a prima facie case of negligence, which may be overcome by the bank by any explanation which would satisfy the trier of fact that the loss.Bank (1944) 323 Ill App 300, 55 NE2d 565, said that the evidence did not tend to show that the money had been stolen by the employees of the bank.Be sure to take photos, too, in case you ever need to file a claim.

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While noting that the gate between the vault and the tellers area was sometimes left unlocked for a few minutes in the morning, before the bank was open, while the tellers were taking their cash from their safes in the vault, during which time the.
Pointing out that the bank had proven that under the circumstances it had used proper care, the court observed that the renter was uncertain as to whether in fact he had deposited the securities in question, and admitted that he must have made a careless.