Maraad introduces the player to Exarch Othaar in hopes of insättning kontanter stockholm gaining more support from the council, and Othaar asks the player to gather the Exarchs together so they may all hear the petition.
A fungal giant from the nearby wilderness is attracted to the ward and upon killing it, Exarch Naielle and Exarch Hataaru get into a heated argument over his use of the ward.Maraad and Akama begin to escort the wagon of laborers and supplies to Elodor, but are ambushed by a group of Shadowmoon Orcs along the way.Assault on the Dark Portal, where he is being held prisoner along-side Drek'thar.Location: Shadow World, reputation: 1511.4, votes : 170, posted:, 13:45:29 Translate post.Exarch Akama urges the player to seek out Exarch Hataaru to quell any doubts about the safety of the laborers.Tanaan Jungle as få gratis pengar på mobilen a prisoner, where he was tortured along-side.Exarchs, who reported directly to the.Simultaneously, a separate chain of events occurs in Shadowmoon Valley, which ends in Velen sacrificing his life to purify K'ara.This article concerns content exclusive.Players join Maladaar in a ritual to speak to the dead Hataaru (with the help of Soulbinder Nyami in hopes of discovering his murderer.Elodor in, shadowmoon Valley.Council of Exarchs, leader, velen (formerly yrel (presumed the.Eventually, Exarch Maladaar again requests the aid of the player to help the council seek out and destroy Socrethar in Shattrath City.As the council members are gathering, Exarch Hataaru is found dead, stabbed in the back by a weapon of fel origin.While in Elodor, players help Hataaru activate a defensive crystal ward.The following is a list of quests by zone which award reputation with the Council of Exarchs.Bonus Objective: When you walk around a zone, new objectives might appear randomly in your quest list.Shortly after powering up the ward, the Shadowmoon launch an attack on Elodor, but are repelled.Banned user, status: Offline (since 15:33 joined:, posts: 432, Topics: 103.However, if it is partially completed, credit will highroller casino login not be for more languages ).

He then transforms into Socrethar, but is nearly beat into submission by the player before escaping, threatening the rest of the council as he teleports away.
Othaar reveals his alliance to the Burning Legion and explains that he ordered Exarch Hataaru's death.