This is an upgrade to the PCI-ISA specification.
The XT bus used a 62 pin (.1" center) edge connector; 31 pins per card side.
JBus developed by Sun for its computers, is a 128 bits wide bus, at 200MHz with three loads, and features 16 to 64 Gbytes/s on-chip.
The ACR standard is backwards compatible with AMR.As a multiprocessing chip set architecture used with motherboards with more then one linked processor 4-way and 8-way systems.A newer standard called ePCI-X removes the obsolete ISA bus and replaces it with PCI-X interfaces picmg.2.16 devices Chained TTL 50 or 68 pin connector Ultra 640 scsi 640 MBps 32 Bit ".In this case, the motherboard provides basic functionality but the expansion card offers additional or enhanced ports.SCI links are operate at 1 Gbps serial, or 1 GBps 16-bit parallel, using a 250-MHz bi-phase clock over fiber optic or twisted-pair wires.Miniature Cards dimensions:.5mm x 33mm x 38mm (TxLxW).The standard does not support 66MHz PCI.20 Address lines, 0 to 19 (LSB0).The standard is picmg.0.The controller card used in the system has fingers edge connectors for both PCI and the ISA bus, the Mother Board only connectors.Pisa is a combination ISA, and PCI bus in a short card form factor.The buses are used on IBM PC or Apple computers.The 4 lines are used for transmitting and receiving differential pairs, plus an additional three grounds pins and a separate power pin.The Dimensions are 32 mm height x 24 mm width.1 mm thick for an SD Card.Older displays sent digital signals to the monitor, while VGA (and later) send analog signals.Cardbus, using the pcmcia connector, is a PCI format that attaches peripherals to the Host PCI Bus via PCI to PCI Bridge.
However, the expansion modules attached to these interfaces, though bank safe deposit box cash functionally the same as expansion cards, are not technically expansion cards, due to their physical form.
AMR Bus, audio/Modem Riser specification defines a hardware scalable OEM PC mother board riser board and interface, which supports both audio and modem functions.