PD Hit : 4d10 force damage.
Penumbra School evocation darkness; Level sorcerer/wizard 0 casting Casting Time 1 standard action Components V, S, M (a bit of soot) effect Range touch Target creature or object touched Duration 10 minutes/level (D) Saving Throw Will negates (harmless Spell Resistance yes This spell keeps the.
You dont have to memorize or choose them beforehand, you just cast them on the fly.1st Level Spells Acid Arrow Ranged spell; Daily Target : One nearby or far away creature Attack : Intelligence Level.3rd Level Utility: Speak with Item Range : Close-quarters spell Daily Quick action to cast Effect : Speak briefly, mind-to-mind, with a magic item you are touching that is owned by you or one of your allies.The cantrip version is similar, but does not replace its higher-level counterpart.At higher levels, the spell might summon little fanged spirits buzzing back and forth serving as both visual and actual deterrents.If you cast recklessly, you can target 1d3 additional enemies, but then your allies engaged with the target may also take damage (see below).No low-effort/image posts outside of the thread.Effect : You either double or halve the size of the target object for your level in rounds (if used outside of combat, the effect lasts for your level in minutes instead).When you take the utility spell, you gain access to a range of useful non-combat spells of the level you memorized it or below.9th level spell : 10d12 damage.Spark This is a minor fire creation spell, enough to light a pipe, or a campfire, or even a page or two of an unprotected spellbook.Epic Feat You can now cast counter-magic in reaction to a creature using any magical ability, not just casting a spell.On an attack roll of natural 16, the target is also stuck until the end of your next turn.It moves at average walking speed for your species on your mental commandyou can command it to stop, slow down, change direction, or return to you as desired.Agile You gain a 2 bonus to Dexterity skill checks.Any adventurer or champion tier monsters who pass through a barrier must make a hard save (16) or be hampered and dazed until the end of their next turn.Ghost Sound This spell creates false noises emanating from somewhere ink poker nearby.Flight Your familiar flies as well as a hawk.The magic has nowhere near as much real world force as mage hand.PD Miss : You regain this spell during your next quick rest.
It does not gain more at higher levels.

Epic Feat The bonus also applies to Mental Defense.
The GM rolls and the wizard becomes aware that their cantrip is about to end a couple minutes before its done.