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5 is the max power-up for cards up to S and Royal (R) is best grade.
It can actually be difficult to drop a rank if you play daily, so not playing for a few days is the best option.
Turn off group card sorting for power-ups.
More information on leagues can be found here.Disclaimer: Please note that any suggestions, advice, or tips stated below is by no means the only way you can and should be playing the game.Upgrading is a good way to get the themes that you want for your group.Super perfect (SP) is affected by how well you hit the precise center of the white circle, if you can hit the center of the beat consistently (once you find your most comfortable position for getting SP's it will help in getting more SP's.Listed below are some things one could spend diamonds.Every Day Free Gift ).They roulette chat mango are more common in the higher ranks.As of right now, anything below 100 can only be obtained through special events like the Every Day Free Gift event from SSM's 3rd anniversary or through placing in certain spots in the new superstar League.The amount it takes to upgrade your storage space increases significantly each leovegas bonus omsättningskrav time, so effective card management is necessary.Superstar League: League where internet casino luxury you are paired with everyone that plays SSM.Scoring stat is the most vital stat if you have no problem clearing songs.While it is possible to receive A cards and S cards in normal card packs, there is a higher chance of receiving C cards and B cards from them.Jump Up Ticket: Item that can be used to 'jump' to a higher league (e.g Silver II to Gold III) Meet the promotion expected value of the bracket that you want to "jump" to during league reset The league you want to "jump" to should.The things with the idols' pictures on them.A third option for diamonds is increasing the amount of card storage you have by increments.The best strategy is to either balance out all of your cards (e.g.Currency rhythm points Card pack tab of the item shop.As of now, they can be obtained in two ways: purchase and league position.
Chance of success depends on your card's stars.
In Superstar smtown, Headphones are required to play songs.

Placing in the top 5 will allow you to be promoted to the next league.
100 Power Up cards can be obtained through events like previously mentioned, purchased in the Special Shop with Dalcom Coins, or through placing in certain spots in the new superstar League.