holy paladin best in slot relics

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378 Flowing Flamewrath Cape reward for reaching friendly with Avengers of Hyjal, 250 0 0 from Naresir Stormfury (A/H) in Firelands and Mount Hyjal 378 Wings of Flame Alysrazor in Firelands 379 Shroud of Endless Grief Cache of the Broodmother ( The Bastion of Twilight.Main-Hand Weapon 450 Blade of the Poisoned Mind Blade of the Poisoned Mind ( Dread Wastes ) 450 Carapace Breaker Raigonn in Gate of the Setting Sun 450 Jol'Grum's Frozen Mace The Arena of Annihilation ( Kun-Lai Summit ) 463 Amber Saber of Klaxxi'vess from.489 Bindings of Ancient Spirits Gara'jal the Spiritbinder in Mogu'shan Vaults and Zandalari Infiltrator in Mogu'shan Vaults 489 Fallen Sentinel Bracers 1250 from Commander Oxheart (A/H) in Townlong Steppes, Sage Lotusbloom (A/H) in Shrine of Two Moons, and Sage Whiteheart (A/H) in Shrine of Seven.Head 450, bladesnap Helm, greater Cache of Treasures and, greater Cache of Treasures 450.480 Heartbreak Charm Apothecary Hummel in Shadowfang Keep 480 Winking Eye online kortspel of Love Apothecary Hummel in Shadowfang Keep 483 Korven's Amber-Sealed Beetle Wind Lord Mel'jarak in Heart of Fear 489 Links of the Lucid 1250 from Ambersmith Zikk (A/H) in Dread Wastes and Commander Oxheart.Ring 450 Anaxo's Multi-Layered Seal Zar'thik Supplicant in Heart of Fear, Essence of Order in Black Temple, Zar'thik Augurer in Heart of Fear.502 Soulblade of the Breaking Storm Jin'rokh the Breaker in Throne of Thunder 502 Tihan, Scepter of the Sleeping Emperor Qin-xi in Mogu'shan Vaults and Jan-xi in Mogu'shan Vaults 502 Torall, Rod of the Shattered Throne Lei Shen in Throne of Thunder 509 Kri'tak, Imperial.Show more Show less.When gearing up, we advise you to always prioritise pieces of Tier sets over non-set pieces of higher item level.2013: Added items from last bosses in Throne of Thunder (including Ra-den).The Abetment Bracers from Gothik/Gluth also have a socket, but they waste itemization budget on mp5 so are generally inferior to both bracers listed here.Band of Channeled Magic, bought with 25 Emblems of Valor.Bracers of Liberation, from Grobbulus (and occasionally Gluth).Girdle of Recuperation, from Razuvious (and occasionally Gluth).Amulet 450 Bladesnap Neck Greater Cache of Treasures and Greater Cache of Treasures 450 Bubblebrew Necklace Greater Cache of Treasures and Greater Cache of Treasures 450 Lavasoul Collar Greater Cache of Treasures and Greater Cache of Treasures 450 Lucid Amulet of the Agile Mind Amber.2013: Added item level 600 cloaks.Waist 346 Belt of Barred Clouds 1650 from Rugok (A/H) in Orgrimmar and Toren Landow (A/H) in Stormwind City 346 Belt of the Ringworm Ozruk in The Stonecore 359 Belt of the Blackhand Nefarian in Blackwing Descent 359 Corehammer's Riveted Girdle Golem Sentry in Blackwing.General Information, this page is a gearing up guide for Holy Paladins.That being said, you are unlikely to get a World Quest or World Boss trinket at an item level comparable to those from Mythic Dungeons, Heroic, or Mythic Raids.As Azerite gear comes with set traits, we can identify the best Azerite gear for a given item level.
In the meantime, the other two weapons are both solid all-rounders with a healthy amount of each desirable attribute.