As of my writing this, the mobile casino bonus code best way to earn high interest in the Turkish lira is with a (oddly-numbered) 92-day term deposit.
If exotic post-Soviet currencies are a risk youre willing to take, Asaka Bank one of the better digital banks will pay you 17 for a one-year deposit in the Uzbeki som.Via photopin (license) Related.My new favorite hotel here, The Alexander, is quite possibly the best five-star hotel Ive stayed at in the last year.Its not particularly easy to cheap to get to, nor is it very exciting.Interest rates on the ruble are also a bit underwhelming given past volatility, but if you need or want access to the ruble as an alternative currency, Armenia is a great latest casino bonuses 400 place to.Difference gambia, sub-Saharan Africa.00.02.98, uganda, sub-Saharan Africa.00.90.10, suriname.How to Earn Higher Interest Rates.However, they do pay.5 on a one-year term deposit denominated in dram.For years, offshore websites have been exalting the virtues of banking in Mongolia.Separate from high returns, one thing that is interesting about some Turkish banks is the ability to hold gold and a variety of hard-to-get currencies.The table has current values for Interest Rate, previous releases, historical highs and record lows, release frequency, reported unit and currency plus links to historical data charts.Cambodia is an often-overlooked yet dollarized frontier market for banking Cambodia Ive been an advocate for investing in Cambodia since 2007, long before I ever wrote about it here.Check out the updated list of highest interest rates in the world here.
Turkey came in first with a whopping.9, followed by Moldova and Venezuela.

The search for carry has been an enduring theme this year in the markets.
The biggest challenge youll have in Cambodia is bureaucracy; many banks want you to have at least a business visa and at worst a local referrer to open an account.