A short duration burn would still be only damage but it could be closer in damage to what it was before, while spreading the conditions so that all the damage cant just be cleansed off as easy.
Given the WvW changes, any chance of server transfers being available for a reduced fee for a short time?Grimenishi, thanks for bringing up that ranger pets dont receive buffs and boons inside the dps instance.The shared slots can be moved either above all regular bag slots, or below them.Can the new WvW Rank and Ability line bryans clock slot machine gain an additional upgrade granting the ability to buy Superior Siege (much like you can at spawn)?On June 16, 2018, they were 25 off.We are looking into moving further away from pure RNG as a reward system, and its possible that tonics could play a part in that.Thank you for this amazing patch!We decided not to do an ability point reset, since the new ability line is relatively cheap to acquire and reseting ability lines tends to annoy at least as many people as it helps.I think is more reasonable to add 4/5/6 legendaries per expansion than 16 for each one.We are looking into moving further away from pure RNG as a reward system, and its possible that fractal tonics could play a part in that.Fire keep: There is almost no way to attack the keep with hur många procent av reklam är casino Trebuches.I dont think that attitude helps build a positive community around raiding.Even if you dont know for sure, what are your current candidates?At most wed re-link worlds every 3 months.Wouldn't it be great if those shared inventory slots would always be shown at the top of your inventory and the scroll bar just applies to all you regular bags?If it goes well for WvW, well consider it for PvP too.Sorry at this time I cannot comment on the next raid wings.Is Anet currently happy with the status of crystalline ore as a currency in Dragon Stand and especially the Guild Hall vendors (minis, weapons and armor)?How will you reduce the amount of gaming system after link of the server?Will be there any new system for transfer to prevent stacking and manipulating matchups like it was especially on NA side.
While theyre not as convenient to use, Tomes of Knowledge can always be used to level up any further alts.
What exactly is the planned and expected balance change frequency?

Dev team raised concerns that boon strips become too weak relative to boon application, if you can easily cover your important boons with less important boons.