Apothecary, Blast Cannon, Bombardier, Deep Borer, Dwarf Lord, Dwarven Gate, Dwarven Hunter, Dwarven Miner, Emperina, Gimlet Stormbrew, Gorgotha, King Highforge, Lady Ironbeard, Lord Ironbeard, Rock Troll, Rock Worm, Runesmith, Stonehammer, Zhak Boomgrizzle Traitstones: Arcane Deep Tribute: 250 At Level 10: 1 Kingdom of Bones Ancient.
Locked without requirements met (the red Kingdom icon - Zhul'Kari).Once you reach Kingdom level 10 you will also receive.Anointed One, Ba'el, Corrupt Sorceress, Dark Master, Dimetraxia, Executioner, Giant Toad, Hag, Magnus, Merchant Prince, Night Hag, Ocularen, Ocularen Leech, Psion, Remnant, Sea Troll, Sister of Shadows, The Possessed King, Thrall, Umbraxis, Watch Mother, Watcher, Xerodar Traitstones: Arcane Skull Tribute: At Level 10: 1 The.Kingdoms provide you with, gold income, Tribute and other content.Bonnie Rose, Captain Skullbeard, Deck Hand, Dragon Turtle, Hammerhead, Kendrala Bloodjewel, Kraken, Lil' Johnny Bronze, Megavore, Mimic, Mosasaurus, Parrot, Pirate, Scurvy Seadog, Scylla, Sharkey, Ship Cannon, Shocktopus Traitstones: Arcane Shield Tribute: 200 1 4 At Level 10: 1 The Abyssal Portal The Blighted Lands contain.Kingdoms around the edge of the map require higher levels, some up to level.Barbearius, Cockatrice, Dire Wolf, Druid, Fenrir, Forest Guardian, Kerberos, Ranger, Scarlett, Sir Wulfric, Spirit Fox, Spiritdancer, Totem Guardian, Warg, Wayfinder, Wulfgarok Traitstones: Arcane Swamp Tribute: 150 2 8 At Level 10: 1 Kingdom Under the Waves Few Merfolk from Merlantis ever travel to the lands.Alastair, Ankhekt, Anubite Warrior, Apophisis, Aziris, Bastite Priestess, Bone Dragon, Bone Scorpion, Chief Dargon, Horned Asp, Keeper of Souls, Morterra, Mummified King, Necrezza, Pharaoh Hound, Pharos-Ra, Revenant, Setauri, Settite Warrior, Shaman of Set, Skeleton, Wall of Bones, War Sphinx, Wight Traitstones: Arcane Spirit Tribute:.From here select the Gold fee underneath "Level Up".Skill Point bonus to the Skill shown on the right of this menu.Borealis, Doom of Ice, Freya, Frost Archer, Frost Lizard, Frostling, Ice Golem, Jackelope, Queen Mab, Skadi, Snow Guardian, Snow Panther, Snow Sprite, Snow-Hunter, Tassarion, Winter Knight, Winter Wolf, Yeti Traitstones: Arcane Spirit Tribute: 50 1 28 At Level 10: 1 The Shattered Lands These once-noble.Veritas, Templar, War Cleric Traitstones: Arcane Summer Tribute: 10 At Level 10: 1 The Horned Lands The Wild Plains are home to many primitive, shamanistic tribes of Minotaurs.Abynissia, Bone Daemon, Creeper, Dark Monolith, Desdaemona, Doom of Flame, Erinyes, Hellcat, Hellhound, Herald of Chaos, Incubus, Infernal King, Nightmare, Quasit, Sir Mordayne, Succubus, Twisted Hero, Venbarak Traitstones: Arcane Dark Tribute: 25 1 32 At Level 10: 1 The Summer Court The Summer Fey, ruled.Champion of Anu, Court Jester, Dragon Knight, Grave Seer, Griffon Knight, Innkeeper, Knight Coronet, Lady Morana, Lance Knight, Nightshade, Peasant, Queen Ysabelle, Queen's Herald, Ser Cygnea, Shadow Dragon, Sir Ebonheart, Sir Gwayne, Spectral Knight, Tau, Valor, Vanguard, Warhound, Wolf Knight Traitstones: Arcane Blade Tribute: 125.The Kingdom of Progress, adana is known as a center of learning and technology.This increases your Tribute chance which will give you more Gold when you collect tribute and help you level up your Kingdoms faster Veteran players recommend getting Magic Kingdoms to level 10 first, then Attack and Life Kingdoms followed by Armor Kingdoms last.Agave, Ancient Golem, Desert Troll, Djinn, Dragon Cruncher, Dust Devil, Ifrit, Mad Prophet, Marid, Roc, Rock Spirit, Saguaro, Sand Scuttler, Sand Shark, Sandrunner, Scorpius, Senita, Sharptooth, The Great Maw Traitstones: Arcane Mountain Tribute: 50 4 16 At Level 10: 1 The Setauri Wetlands The Setauri.As you unlock Kingdoms around Krystara bästa casino spelet flashback (the world map).Locked with requirements to unlock met (the blue Kingdom icon - Karakoth).Blade Dancer, Bunni'Nog, Bunnicorn, Caprinicus, Elwyn, Faunessa, King Silenus, Lapina Knight, Luna, Nax, Nymph, Nyx, Piper, Satyr, Satyr Musician, Siren, Sylvasi, The Silent One, The Wild Queen, Trickster, War Goat Traitstones: Arcane Light Tribute: 25 8 4 At Level 10: 1 The Savage Lands The.The cost to level up the Kingdom will increase as the Kingdom's level also increases - the increasing price is the same for each Kingdom.

You'll also receive.
Brownie, Cat Sith, Cu Sith, Doom of Nature, Fey Cap, Florian, Glitterclaw, Leprechaun, Old Man Oakroot, Pixie, Prince Ethoras, Queen Titania, Summer Knight, Suna, Tinseltail Traitstones: Arcane Venom Tribute: 25 2 28 At Level 10: 1 Lair of the Lava Wyrm The Ogres of Broken.
The Seat of High Magic The Archmages of Silverglade command the oldest and most powerful magic in Krystara.