Aristocrat has released some of the most successful video slot titles ever since it started, and is known for its great game play, bonus, and overall game appearance.
The children are very clever, easily defeating Kokomo and Maribu.
35 "Competitive Sake Full of Predictions" Transcription: "Yochi sanmai-shu" ( Japanese : ) 2 February 2003 TBA After Ranpha buys a new fortune telling board, she runs into Maribu who is critical of her dismissal of science.As they reach the end of the desert and are greeted by many people, the Angel Brigade chooses to eliminate them all.Forte and Vanilla both split their own ways with Vanilla working for the doctor of the local clinic.Japanese : ) TBA The Angel Brigade has been assigned to sort trash.As Ranpha enters the spacecraft to find the captain, she is told many times to leave.After the recharge, the robot resets.The Angels are sent to find an escaped convict who was sentenced to a 2000 year sentence for murdering 1/3 the population of planet Transbaal 500 years ago.This game has 5 reels and 243 paylines.25 "Angel Dark Space Chazuke" Transcription: "Datenshi no Ankoku Uch Chazuke" ( Japanese : (TV TBA TBA The Angels are filing their expense reports when the Commander informs them that the Milfeulle who has been with them all this time is a fake.# Title Original air date 01 "Ghost in the Jam" Transcription: "Fuyreipyrejure" ( Japanese : ) 21 December 2003 TBA During an infiltration of the Angels' base, Milfeulle grabs bonus vanguard reputation gear how much a grenade and runs off with it, sacrificing herself to save her friends.They are soon transfixed by Commander Huey's brilliant maneuvering in bringing the culprits to justice.Later, a team destroys the lost technology when studies showed that the device was meant to send souls to heaven.Johnny then wakes up, revealing that he was unconscious about his speech the whole time.
Milfeulle tells them not to worry as luck is always on her side.

As the other Angels drive with Johnny sitting in the front, Johnny recites words that always relates to their interests (such as costumes for Mint).
However, Ranpha can't be bothered once she discovers a baby in a bamboo grove.
34 "Broken-up Hot Spring Rice Cracker" Transcription: "Barabara yunohana senbe" ( Japanese : )   TBA On the Angels' day off, Milfeulle wants everyone to spend the day having fun at the onsen.