fullcalendar change slot duration

Adjustment of koosvdkolks answer to have different available slots per days: function function calendar_element) if (availablePeriods!
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While many casinos require you to download bulky software onto your computer or mobile device to play free online slots, here at Slotu, all of our amazing selection of free online slots are no download slots.Web Development change/update page content without reloading page - by ajax Laravel I have a simple view, which displays results of a query number 5; events Event1:has users ' task: Now I want to create some filter and sorting methods.In the gaming halls there are no direct passages.I bet this can be improved; I think I broke the freeBusy feature doing this, but I don't need.Arshaw changed the title from AgendaWeek view - event end time not displayed Event Title when event duration is only one slot.The change only needs to happen in the html page.It was working fine with default configuration of time slot like 30 minutes gap.Title : "New event start: start, end: end ; / Push event into fullCalendar's array of events / and displays.Also this guy has implemented a very handy way to manage this purpose still using fullcalendar with this kind of code calendar.fullCalendar(.Append div class'day"i"slot dayslot' /div adjustWorkHourSlotSize(i for (var j0; j!dayPeriodsLength; j) startavailablePeriodsij0; endavailablePeriodsij1; startOfPeriodSlot endOfPeriodSlot for (kstartOfPeriodSlot; k endOfPeriodSlot; k) now just call: var availablePeriods "8:00 "16:00 3:00 "5:00 "9:00 "14:00" ; calendar and dont forget css classes:.dayslot float: left; margin-left: 2px;.fc-agenda-slots.unavailable background-color: #e6e6e6; Questions.Here at Slotu, we bring the casino to you and you can take it anywhere you like.BusinessHours: / specify an array instead dow: 1, 2, 3, / Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday start: '08:00 / 8am end: '18:00' / 6pm, dow: 4, 5, / Thursday, Friday start: '10:00 / 10am end: '16:00' / 4pm Questions: Answers: I found a solution by using another.I rather not disallow event overlapping.And be able to refresh the displayed results without page reload In my view file I have this: div id"top5-list" @foreach(events as event) / @endforeach /div I wish TO implement TWO scenarios, if possible working in the same view: 1) using the same query, but.It does exactly what is described in this question with some more features.
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