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After another half a century, Rhodes prophecy finally turned true China became the major competitor of the West in Africa.
But there are a lot of such specialists in China hundreds of thousands of professionals ready to work in Africa on terms unacceptable neither for Europeans guts freespins nor for Americans.
Such practice is indeed inefficient for any European state, including Russia, as well as for the.S.A.
Will want to rival with China in granting big loans pegged to large-scale projects aimed at infrastructural development.The Chinese investment policy in Africa is worth admiring.Such a pragmatic Chinese stance sets new rules in the African game.Angola has already received a 2 billion worth credit and Gabon has entered an agreement on a 3 billion loan from China, which is going to obtain 85 of the worlds largest iron ore deposit at Belinga.If one takes into consideration that all possible options of a socialist way of development ebbed in Africa by the time of the.S.S.R.In 2010, the Chinese demand for diamonds will reach.5 billion.It may be expected that by strengthening the armed forces of African countries and raising their operational efficiency we shall help them to become active participants of regional peacekeeping operations.The word German must terrify China for the next one thousand years!It took two generations and two world wars before the first solid Chinese project latestcasinobonuses no deposit was realized in Africa in 1956, the Peoples Republic of China built a railway in Tanzania.This is a new command established for the first time and, according to some analysts, it will be rendered operational mainly due to the Chinese expansion in Africa.The annual bilateral trade turnover surpassed the level of 55 billion while its annual growth rate is more than.Copson, an expert on African affairs at the Congressional Research Service of the.S.Of Rhodes contemporaries with strategic interests in the Black Continent, only his good acquaintance Kaiser Wilhelm II duly appreciated the prophesy, ordering an impressive allegoric painting entitled The Yellow Peril, and a couple of years later sent a military expedition to China instructing his officers.It should be noted that China not only invests in mining projects, but also puts huge amounts of money into the infrastructure of African countries.In September 2008, there will be given a start to the Africa Command of the.S.A.