Earn interest, your savings will earn a set interest rate each year during the free spins no deposit latvia fixed term, and the interest you earn can sometimes be paid either monthly or annually into your nominated account, or itll be added to your savings.
You can change the results view you see to only show terms that suit your saving needs choose from one year, two years, three years, four years, five years and more.
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At the end bonus till mitt konto i preem mastercard of the fixed rate period your account will be closed and your funds and interest paid into the account they came from unless you have asked us to reinvest some/all of your funds.Reasons why you might want to consider a fixed rate bond include: Guaranteed interest rate: the interest rate youre offered when you open the account stays the same for the duration of the bond, so you can work out how much interest youll earn overall.You can't withdraw part of the money.Higher interest rates for longer terms: if you can afford to leave your money untouched for longer, you will usually receive a higher interest rate.This website is not intended for distribution to, or use by any person in any country where such distribution or use would be subject to or contrary to local law or regulation.If you do not have a Current / Savings Account with us, you will need to open one to avail the Fixed Deposit On maturity of the Fixed Deposit Account, the Fixed deposit will be renewed to another Fixed Deposit with a similar maturity period.Early withdrawal requests are accepted at banks discretion and are subject to a penalty and may result in no interest being paid.On a deposit of 10,000, the estimated balance would be: Term Initial Deposit Estimated Balance 1 Year 10,000 10,150.00 2 Years 10,000 10,353.06 3 Years 10,000 10,534.24 4 Years 10,000 10,718.59 5 Years 10,000 11,040.81 This is based on: Interest calculated and compounded annually.Once youve made your initial deposit you cant usually add.Such instructions should be received in writing by us at least 15 Working Days before the maturity date of a Fixed Deposit.Additional rate taxpayers are not eligible for the Personal Savings Allowance.Deposits over 50,000: You can't close the product or withdraw any money until the end of your fixed rate period.