Karma Beacon and Cult of Personality get a special mention as theyre broken.
Here and Now : Gaining levels to gain handelsbanken insättning a perk that gains a level.Outdoorsman: Outdoorsman helps a lot at picking encounters, specially at Early Game, where the wrong random encounter can mean certain death.15) and they require high STR (6 which means you won't likely be able to use them before having Power Armor, using Weapon Handling perk or investing points in STR (the 2nd and 3rd options are suboptimal, though).Fast Shot hamstrings a sniper who relies on called shots and deprives you of the ability to go for the eyes later.Probably a good choice for those who get hurt often.Ghost : Even less useful than Silent Death.If not, then raising it high will mostly be a waste.Bonus Rate of Fire (PE 6, In 6, AG 7, level 9) : Firing a ranged weapon costs one less.More Criticals and, better Criticals : Good pairing if you don't plan on getting either Slayer or Sniper.I recommend redkings bonus regler no Tag, and invest points only if you really want to see your enemies vaporized or turn into goo.For a diplosniper, a Strength of 5 will suffice as it grants access to virtually all of the firearms and can be raised for free later.More Criticals is useful if you dont get Sniper or have less Luck.Optional followers: Marcus : Everyone loves the mutant sheriff, but his gear cannot be upgraded - hes too big for any armor - and he needs an energy rifle, unless youre fond of scraping people off the walls when he unleashes the minigun.Melee Weapons/Unarmed : a Melee character can be very brutal if well built, but this isn't the focus of the build, since there is no burst to Melee attacks.Abilities edit edit source Perks in this category provide miscellaneous bonuses that do not fit in other categories.Summary The diplosniper is intended to be the best build in terms of content and gameplay experience.Perception (62) : Good for accuracy.Dont bother with any healing items like first aid kits or doctors bags.So you want to be a hero, eh?The purpose of levels is to gain perks.
Agility (61) : Determines the amount of Action Points.

Directly increasing a weapon skill has a much more noticeable effect.
For a diplosniper, youre looking at: Gifted: 7 additional special points.
A lousy shot at first, he can level up six times and can be a very potent ranged fighter in the end.