Couple of fixes to memories/thoughts, those could generate rare errors on female-on-animal.
Added a pregnancy filter for races that cannot get pregnant (undead, etc).
Also clarified the hediff name, since 'child not working' could be mistaken as an error.Game System, mOD, character Respecialization, example package Camp storage chest.Fixed the whoring target selection and spam.Fixed a stupid mistake in the trait inheritance checking.Feature Pawns now have a chance of cleaning up after themselves when they've done masturbating.Works regardless of load order.Currently set as rare, so pawns don't talk about sex all the day.Removed the duplicate, adjusted sex drive increase from the trait itself to compensate.Changed Comfort Prisoner Rape from Wardening to BasicWorker.Ed86: switched Genital_Helper to public class crawls under christmas tree with bottle of vodka and salad, waiting for presents December 27:.9.0b - Zaltys Reset the ticks at sexualization, so generated pawns (esp.Compatibility Added conditionals to the trait patches, they should now work with mods that alter traits.For hololock crafting with CE added "ComplexFurniture" research requirement for whore beds February 6: RJW.9.5 - Zaltys Zaltys: Fix for mechanoid 'rape' and implanting.Renamed abstract bases to avoid overwriting vanilla ones, to fix some mod conflicts if RJW is not loaded last.Ed86: fixes for nymph generation added ability to set chance to spawn male nymphs moved fertility and pregnancy filter to xml, like with sexneeds clean up "whore" backstories set Incubator commonality.001 so it wont throw errors add vagina operations for males - futa.Added patches for some conflicting traits (no more prude or asexual nymphos, etc).Core Removed slot microsd tidak terbaca dummy privates, wrote a new comp for automatically adding genitalia when the pawn is spawned.Currently hidden from players and not actually used in calculations, just included as a proof of concept.Centralized the ticks-to-next-lovin' increase and satisfy into afterSex, to ensure that those aren't skipped.
CharGenMorph Compiler, charGenMorph Compiler automates the process of merging chargenmorphcfg.

Non-zoos almost never do that job, but it can happen if they have no other outlets.