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October 30, 2015 The Week in Public Finance : The Budget Edition A roundup of money (and other) news governments can use.
December 21, 2018 Who's Your Governor?
But nowhere is the situation more dire casinoguide casino map than in Oklahoma.
August 27, 2015 The Week in Public Finance: Blame the Market, New Jersey Love and a Win in Wayne County A roundup of money (and other) news governments can use.Alejandro Garcia Padilla said the island's rescue might simply be a harbinger of things to come on the mainland.July 19, 2017 States Get Creative on Pension Funding The latest plans in California and New Jersey have observers asking: creative solution or accounting gimmick?Rockefeller Institute of Government for 45 states shows revenues are up nearly 13 percent from last year.October 14, 2013 bonus casino 500 Is There a Plot Against Pensions?Unlike mortgage and payday lenders, the growing number of institutions that offer quick cash to small businesses are still largely unregulated.Als Faustregel gilt hier: Zahlt nur einen Betrag ein, den ihr in den nächsten Monaten nicht benötigt.Zudem können Wettfreunde sich hier ein Wissensplus gegenüber dem Wettanbieter verschaffen.Brooks Patterson has spent this week on the defensive after he was"d harshly criticizing Detroit in a controversial New Yorker article.Texas, Oklahoma Rebound Fastest Metropolitan areas in Texas and Oklahoma are leading the nation in their overall recovery from the recession, according to a Brookings report.October 5, 2018 States Intent on Taxing Big Pharma Over the Opioid Crisis Lawmakers want to raise taxes on pharmaceutical companies to help pay for the cost of the opioid crisis.A new survey reveals how little the public knows about their state government.October 31, 2014 Judge Rules Stockton Can Exit Bankruptcy More than two years after it entered, the California city emerged from bankruptcy Thursday with its retirees and employees allowed to keep their pension benefits.But its merits are so far unproven.June 2, 2016 Nonprofits' Tax-Exemption Battle Moves to the Courts Legislative attempts to tax nonprofits have fallen short.March 20, 2015 The Week in Public Finance: Jerry Maguire, Saving the Highway Trust Fund and Chicago's Big Problem A roundup of money (and other) news governments can use.April 17, 2019, the Key to Predicting the Next Teacher Strike.March 1, 2019 The Drastic, Risky, Measures to Fix America's Brokest Pension Systems Kentucky and Illinois are weighing extreme options to reduce their pension debt - but critics say they could ultimately cost the states more.March 16, 2018 3 Things in the Banking Deregulation Bill That State and Local Governments Should Know The first major bipartisan banking bill since Dodd-Frank has some potential pluses and minuses for states and localities.August 21, 2018 Berkeley's Bold Bet on Bitcoin The California city, known for its out-there policies, will be the nation's first to issue municipal bonds using cryptocurrency.
January 21, 2015 Obama Proposes P3 Tool to Help States Finance Infrastructure In his State of the Union, the president proposed expanding a program that encourages state and local governments to pay for infrastructure projects with public-private partnerships.
As retiree health-care costs soar, maybe state and local governments would be wise to shift some of the burden to Uncle Sam, according to a new report.

Martin O'Malley, a possible presidential contender, wants more states to adopt a new measurement tool called "net present value plus." February 6, 2015 The Week in Public Finance: Haunted Budgets, a Bustling Market and Bad Headline News A roundup of money (and other) news governments.
February 13, 2013 As Sequestration Looms, Cities Create Their Own Economic Fate Whether sequestration happens or not, some local finance leaders are preparing for leaner times ahead when it comes to federal aid.
February 27, 2015 Low Oil Prices Drain Some But Energize Most Local Economies The impact of oil's price drop depends on how much a local government relies on the oil industry for revenue and jobs.