Ornate item sell for more gold to merchants, and Intricate trait increases inspiration (crafting experience) you svenska slots spel gain when deconstructing that item.
You can get away with any race as a tank though!
Because of their Resourceful racial passive.
Keep in mind youre free to do whatever you want, but these options are ideal.To maximize your inventory, youll be feeding your horse oats 49 times, which puts the total cost of increasing your horses carrying capacity to 12,250 gold.If you take Bolstering Darkness this will become 60 for you, while remaining 30 for your allies. .It does require a friend you can trust or a mule account.If youve gone with a Restoration staff, feel free to use any of the abilities in the skill tree. .Impenetrable trait works only in PvP.Theres a lot to manage with this build, so refer to this priority list to understand what is most important. .Make sure this is on your body to ensure that it reaches Gold quality for maximum group efficiency.The Undeath passive is also insanely helpful for staying alive when you manage to get low health. .Training Carnelian Increased experienced gained from kills.All weapon and armor trait gems are very common, but Nirncrux can only be gained by looting raw resources in Craglorn.The best self and group healing as the tank role belongs to this build. .
Well still be nabbing essential tank skills though!