dnd 5e rogue proficiency bonus

Bonus Proficiencies: Medium armor is nice until you get to 18 or 20 Dexterity, but you don't get shields, so your AC won't vinna pengar på casino be as good as a College of Valor Bard.
Kenku vgtm : Excellent if you want more skills, but without a Charisma bonus you'll likely be shoehorned into balor bard.
Power Word Stun PHB : Power word spells are hard because you don't know how many hit points a creature has, but if you can target an appropriate creature this is very effective.19 Ability Score Improvement (Any) New Spell Known: Any At this level your Charisma is 20 and you've had two other Ability Score Increases, so your ability scores should be excellent.Linguist PHB : Use magic.The combination of Tiefling and Infernal patron place a lot of emphasis on fire damage.Disadvantage on saving throws against your spells in the following round means that vera und john bonus a well-chosen save-or-suck spell can immediately take the creature out of the fight.Lucky PHB : Good on anyone.Gaseous Form PHB : Situational, but a fantastic way to safely infiltrate or scout an area.Skillful combat BAB8 Allows the user to attack with great skill, taking advantage of his knowledge of the weaknesses of others and exploiting their openings Skirmishing Smash Concentration Snap Draw Snap Reflexes BAB 4, Reflex Save 3, Sense Motive 5 Ranks, Combat Expertise, Dodge Read.20 Eldritch Master 20th level is a bit dry, unfortunately.Master of Hexes: Fantastic.You're still limited to three uses per day at this level, so you need to be really conservative.Aquatic scag : Only if you're in an aquatic campaign.Remember that the spell slots for these spells don't scale, so it's fine to pick spells which won't scale with spell slot level.Disadvantage on Stealth is a big invonvenience, but it won't make or break you, and the extra 1 to AC isn't enough to make this a decent feat.2nd-level Spells: Both good options, but Lesser Restoration should be left to your party's divine spellcaster if possible.Indomitable Base attack bonus 2, Cha 13 Your strength of spirit enables you to better withstand the slings and arrows of your foes.Shield Cover Shield Defender Shield Edge Deflection Shield Evasion Shield Expertise Shield Focus Shield Harmony Shield Mastery Shield Mate Base Attack Bonus 1 Grants allies 1 shield bonus.Until you get Thirsting Blade, this is a straight damage boost.You only get this once per short rest, so be sure to save it for especially strong enemies.
But Wish isn't on the Warlock spell list, so take Foresight instead.
I can't think of a time to use this repeatedly.